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Where To Buy Organic Food on Cozumel

Published on July 18, 2019 by skeeterseatery

Feeling nauseous and unhealthy with all the junk you sought for your body? Cozumel has some amazing places to let your body detox and to feel fresh with some really good and truly organic food.

La Cuisine by Nutribalance is just the right spot for you if you’re looking for a detox tour. Even the name starts making you feel healthier! Or is it just us feeling this way? Placed in the heart of Cozumel, La Cuisine specializes in some of the finest organic foods such as yummy-scrummy detox juices and salads as big as the Island of Cozumel. Don’t believe us? Head over to La Cuisine to find out for yourself! Who doesn’t love some truly delicious and healthy food at reasonable rates? We’d love to spare a few bucks! And the cherry on the icing is the sweet owner of La Cuisine who literally gives away energy balls to people for the rest of their day in Cozumel. Lovely, isn’t it?

And no, we aren’t forgetting our vegan brothers and sisters! Be Natural is “The Place” for finding scrumptious vegan and non-veg food items. “This is a super awesome place to eat and buy some vegetarian or vegan food! I got the tacos and omg so yummy! You can also buy natural nonfood items as well! Will definitely go back!” writes Kristen on one of her travel blogs. And guess what? Be Natural is one place that is almost 60% cheaper than most restaurants in its surroundings. Don’t know about you but we love, for ourselves, a hearty meal of lip-smacking flavors, some aromas to devour and a portion enough for us to fill our tummies. Does anything sound better than the thought of sizzling hot tortillas? No? Then see you at Be Natural!

Meet The Author
Hello! We are Silvia & Greg, both entrepreneurs with a passion for hospitality, Mexico, real estate, and always looking to create amazing guest experiences. On a vacation trip to Cozumel in 2008, we immediately knew we had to move! It was a time in our lives to listen to that little voice in our heads. We regrouped to lead a saner life. We love meeting new people from different walks of life, but as hosts, we give our guests all the space they want. Silvia has extensive knowledge of the travel and resort industry from her time spent with Vista Del Mar Boutique Hotel, Cozumel Bar Hop tours, Odyssey Tours, and Royal Holiday Club. My background as a former restaurant owner helps me offer outstanding customer service. We will always try to meet your expectations and even go beyond the expectations of your stay. If you have suggestions for us, please let us know! Some great features we have are due to the inspirations of other guests that stayed with us and had interesting ideas. So, please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Feel free to communicate with us! Hope to see you soon, Greg & Silvia
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