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When on Bornholm

Don`t miss out on this great artist.
Bente Hammer (born 1950) is a Danish textile artist and fashion designer. She moved to the island of Bornholm in 1987 where she opened a workshop and boutique in an old smithy in the willage Nyker In 2011, she opened a second store in Svaneke together with the jewellery designer Nina Schrøder.

She is said to make "one-of-a-kind clothing made of handprinted textiles". She uses a wealth of different materials in her works and has created many colorful printed fabrics. A kimono designed by Hammer was presented to Queen Margrethe on the occasion of her 70th birthday by Bornholm Regional Municipality.
In October 2012, Hammer who is a member of ACAB Arts and Crafts Bornholm was, together with the association's president, Maibritt Jønsson, selected to represent the island of Bornholm at a conference on creative design in eastern Iceland with a view to inspiring local craftsmen in their work.
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