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What’s happening in Marco Island – News – Marco Island Yacht Club Installs “Mini Reef”

Published on July 3, 2017 by Teresa Luber


The Marco Island Yacht Club is the first yacht club in Southwest Florida to install a “mini reef” artificial marine habitat system under its dock to support an environmental initiative to restore the cleanliness and aquatic diversity of the region’s canals and waterways.

“The Marco Island Yacht Club is proud to participate in this important environmental program to create a cleaner and sustainable marine environment,” said Lois Dixon, commodore of the Yacht Club. “We’re excited that the habitats installed under our dock will soon produce thriving and diverse ecosystems full of fish and other marine life capable of cleaning thousands of gallons of seawater a day.”

Over the next few months, each one of the five mini reefs installed will develop its own marine ecosystem of life. First, small shrimp and baby fish will use the structure as a safe place to avoid predators, but soon other residents move in. Over 150 different filter feeders like sea squirts and oysters will grow on the mini reef and spend their days eating the green plankton out of the water passing through. On average, a fully developed mini reef can clean all the plankton out of 35,000 gallons of seawater per day.

According to Ocean Habitats’ Wolff, the mini reef mimics the environment that is normally found in the prop root system of mangrove trees. This natural environment was long ago removed from Marco Island’s waters when the canal system was developed. Installing mini reefs under docks along the canals will be an opportunity to restore the water cleaning properties once provided by the mangrove root system. Just one habitat covered with invertebrates such as oysters, sea squirts, mussels and more, can filter 35,000 gallons per day and turn that water from green and polluted into cleaner seawater. This in turn will help to restore the canals to function as sustainable marine habitats teaming with a diverse array of fish, shellfish and other aquatic life.

In addition to the Yacht Club’s participation, many of its members and other local boat owners have installed mini reefs under their own docks. Currently, the 129 mini reefs installed on the island are filtering over 3.9 million gallons of water every single day. This amount will increase as the reefs grow to full maturity and others are added.

Adapted from article in “Marco Eagle”, part of the USA Today Network

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This post was created by Teresa Luber

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Meet The Author
We are Larry and Teresa Luber from Kingsport, TN. Teresa grew up near Bristol, VA and Larry in the St. Louis area. We both love to travel and Marco Island has become our favorite destination. Larry and I fell in love with Marco Island several years ago and we vacation here frequently. It is the one "magical" place where we can totally relax and each time we leave the island we want to come back. We are excited to share the Marco Island experience with you!
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