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VR Marketing - Knocking It Out Of The Park - A Case Study

Vacation Rental Marketing - Knocking It Out Of The Park - A Case Study

Meet Laurie and Jeff

Laurie and Jeff own a vacation rental on Maui.
Like all vacation rental owners, they face a dilemma. Rely on the big listing sites and cede control to their ever changing demands or come up with a plan B.
Bear in mind that as of 2014 there were over 33,000 competing vacation rental properties in Hawaii and that that sector was growing at a whopping 77% year on year.

Laurie decided on plan B. This article looks at what she has done and the results that her work is having.
Step 1. Laurie created a website for their condo using the vacation soup website giveaway. 

Turning a website into a destination channel

Best in class will always outrank the competition

Travel brands rank higher by giving searchers a highly browsable experience
Daniel Furch
Head of Content, Searchmetrics

There are over 300 condos for rent on Maui on Airbnb alone. The number of condos for rent on Maui on VRBO is about the same.
So the odds of getting a booking through these sites is around 300 to 1.
Clearly owners need to do something in order to stand out from this crowd.

Laurie took our advice and started writing informative articles for her site visitors and her paying guests.
She posts these article to a ‘Local Guide’ page on her website.

If you do nothing else, click on one of the images below to see Laurie's guide to Maui

You can see how Laurie's guide looks on different devices below

Here are some of Laurie's latest posts...

Their Google ranking is noted below each post

Page 1 of Google for

Jam session Maui

Page 1 of Google for

Kite festival Lahaina

Page 1 of Google for

Food trucks south Maui

Page 1 of Google for

Kohola brewery Lahaina

Page 2 of Google for

Chinese New Year Lahaina

Page 1 of Google for

Where to watch super bowl Maui

These posts were created using the Vacation Soup WordPress Plugin

Our Plugin Is Your Vacation Rental Marketing Engine - And It's FREE To Use

Vacation Soup exists to empower VR owners to break-away from the Online Travel Agents that eat away at your hard-earned profit.

We provide:
expert training in all aspects of Vacation Rental marketing with hundreds of hours of video tutorials from Alan Egan and the team.
* A vibrant community of experts and owners just like you who strive for independence, and want to help you.
The Soup itself, the only destination based travel site written by VR owners, with local secrets, ideas and properties.

What traveller starts their dream vacation by looking for a 4-bed 2-bath property? The secret to Vacation Rental marketing is talking about the experience: the aroma of orange blossom in April, the bustling market, the beach cafe or the best golf courses.

With this plugin you will be coached with ideas to get your words flowing, topics that are trending right now with travellers, one-click royalty-free jaw-dropping photos from Pixabay and, most important of all, you will be creating the content of Vacation Soup itself.

Why market like this?

The following excerpt is taken from an article published by Harry Mills in Brand Quarterly.

Most people are unaware there are two different ways to influence a customer to buy.

You can use a form of direct persuasion, using your facts, figures and evidence to convince a customer of why they should buy from you, or you can use a form of self-persuasion to help a customer convince themselves by uncovering and discovering their own reasons.

For more than a hundred years, sellers have used, and for the most part, still do, variations of direct persuasion. In recent years, the harder aspects of direct persuasion have been softened and couched in the language of consultative selling, but in essence, the core sales technique used by over 90 percent of sales forces remains direct persuasion.

The problem is direct persuasion no longer works. Customers armed with Google-driven technologies have all the information and choices they need to make buying decisions on their own without ever talking to a seller.

Self-persuasion plays a similar role to oil in a car engine; it eliminates friction
As a result, they are becoming increasingly resistant to all forms of direct persuasion.

We hate being told what to do; and when we have the tools and power to pushback, our skepticism and mistrust grow.

A 2011 survey carried out by the Corporate Executive Board on 1,400 B2B customers found buyers on average were 57 percent through their purchasing process before they contact suppliers. As a result, B2B sellers are losing their ability to shape the customers’ buying criteria.

If that’s the bad news, the good news is the sellers who use self-persuasion don’t encounter the resistance, skepticism, or pushback traditional tell-and-sell salespeople encounter.


We don’t argue with our own reasons. Instead, our reasons become motivators that induce us to say yes. Self-persuasion plays a similar role to oil in a car engine; it eliminates friction. In a sale, self-persuasion lubricates the relationship and builds deeper trust. In the process, it motivates customers to say yes quicker and commit for longer.
Harry Mills
Harry has written 15 acclaimed books on sales, motivation, persuasion, business development and negotiating.