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How it works

The vacation rental world doesn't need another listing site, it needs a new approach.

Vacation Soup's fresh approach brings benefits to both owners and travelling guests.

We link your property website to people planning their vacation

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Simplicity Itself

Ever get writers block? You know you should post more but are lacking inspiration?

Our tools make you an expert Vacation Rental marketer but luckily it's simplicity itself to get started. You know that you need to share your intimate local knowledge with potential guests because that is what they are looking for. This is tourist gold.

When you sit down with your coffee to create a post or two, we show you what topics are trending (or about to be trending) to inspire you, and automatically tag the best terms for the chosen topic, but you can of course choose to write your own.

We have also made visualisation as simple as possible. Finding and using an appropriate image is almost automatic, with a little help from our friends at Pixabay.

A good featured image is known to help posts rank better, with our plugin it is literally 2 mouse clicks to choose and feature a great image from the automatic suggestions, so all you need to do is write a few words and your post is circulating already.

Unlike other sites, we don't just add a link to your site, we actually connect your property website to Vacation Soup. Your site becomes a vital ingredient, your posts are our content.

Your site becomes The channel. We share and publicise your content to your  social platforms. While at the same time collating everyone's posts to Vacation soup and syndicating all the posts to a variety of platforms.

Everything you do with us is achieved from within your own WordPress website, so you are not making extra work for yourself. Don't have your own WordPress site? Create your own VR website in 3 hours for free with Vacation Soup Stock including a video showing every step.

When you install our plugin we re-use the rich content (photos, copy text, etc) in your site directly within Vacation Soup, and if you keep your site fresh with changes, they will be reflected within The Soup. The plugin then guides you effortlessly through a regimen of posting that suits your schedule.

You can even batch your posts, for instance using the local newspaper to write several "What's on in..." posts, and schedule them over time. This means you can create a month's posts in one sitting.