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Unusual Things You Can See in Cannes

Published on March 15, 2019 by canneman

So here we are in Cannes and I bet you're thinking this is going to cost me a fortune! Isn't everything super-expensive?? NOT AL ALL!!  In fact in Cannes you will find many free ways of being entertained and if you are somewhat discerning you can spend not a lot at all.

Such activities as a walk around Cannes Old Town area, Le Suquet. The hill of Le “Suquet” is the birthplace of Cannes and has lots of quaint and qwerky streets that curve and twist you along in an interesting fashion. Not only are the streetscapes charming to look at, but they are lots of fine restaurants.  At the top of the Hill you will find a great view over Cannes.

In July and August Cannes puts on a sensational series of weekly free firework shows offshore in the Baie de Cannes, called the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique, these are among the world’s best firework displays!! From the top of the hill of le Suquet you will get a great view of the display.

[aesop_video src="youtube" id="M59TNvkJFC4" width="content" align="center" caption="Cannes Firework Displays - World Class in every way" disable_for_mobile="on" loop="on" controls="on" autoplay="on" mute="off" viewstart="on" viewend="on" revealfx="inplaceslow" overlay_revealfx="off"]



and then if you really run our of idea's why not go Super Car and Super Bike spotting; you will surely find many targets for your adoration!

[quote source="Marjane Satrapi" rating="0"]You hear people saying, 'Oh I'm so tired, I've had enough of Cannes.' How can you have enough of Cannes? It's just the best place to be, like a fairytale![/quote]


Life in Cannes is relaxed, no worries, no hurries, life is to be enjoyed and savored. Even the Police are not worried about dressing down.



Meet The Author
Hi, I'm Ian and together with Nicolina my wife (who's Italian) we manage two Villa's we rent in the Cannes area on the Cote d'Azur. Both of these Villa's used to be our homes when we lived in France for 10 years. Now we're living in Oxford but do go back regularly to top up on sunshine and to ensure that our Villas are maintained in pristine condition. We have busy work lives in the UK and but see the Cote d'Azur as our Real Home. One day we will return to live their permanently once again! We have so many happy memories of our times in France. Now we try our best to create happy memories for our guests.
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