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Traditional Foods You Can Find in Normandy

Moules & Frites spring to mind - straight our the sea all around the coast here & as there is in excess of 1,000 KM's of coastline on this peninsula, there's plenty to choose from!

The other day being so beautiful a group of us thought forget work, lets have a journey out & try moules on the west coast, so headed out in our 1942 Ford GPW Jeep, met up with a chum in his 1943 Ford Jeep plus another in his Citroen Traction, all 6 of us having Moules & Frites in the local restaurant the otherside of the causeway in Portbail...this is where you can get a ferry across the you can see by the video a rather splendid journey across!

All around the coast are the most marvellous fish restaurants - we even go to one that has it's own trawler moored up outside...these are all the things we can help you with when you book in with us, where to go what to see...even a Jeep trip to try it out for yourself!

Written by normandy
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