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Traditional foods on Cozumel

Is food to you like oxygen? Simply necessary and the best way to live your life to the fullest? Yes? We feel you! No trip is complete without some wholesome and authentic food endeavors that make your trip worthwhile. We understand your dilemmas. So, worry not and dine in some of our favorite spots to find genuinely Mexican flavors that will bedazzle you in a Mexican delight.

El Amigo Abelardo is one fine spot for tasting wonderful Mexican dishes. A relaxing spot for you to feast on Mexican cuisine without some nosy touristy hustle-bustle. This is our number one local restaurant. Start your Mexican food drive with fish tacos and spice up your food game. We vouch that you must never have tasted a fish any fresher than this. Delve into trying conch and some delicious lionfish tacos. Daydreaming? Your dreams have now become a reality. Imagine! All this with locally produced Mexican wines to sip on. We are as excited as you get back and try it all over again.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexican breakfast is the deal-sealer. With relatively huger portions and some lip-smacking breakfast options, we can guarantee, you won't miss breakfast on Cozumel, even a single day. Chilaquiles is a renowned Mexican breakfast dish. Marked with tortillas cut smaller and dashed with eggs, sausages, chicken or cream cheese, and a hefty side of beans, this can, potentially, be your best breakfast ever.

Does dessert go to your heart and no meals are complete without desserts for you? Well, Cozumel produces dessert like none other. Nothing beats the locally produced, hot, fried churros. Dip them in some Nutella or other dips provided and savor on an intense and rich Mexican delectable. Believe us or not, you will end up licking your fingers. Don't know about you but our mouth is watering, so, complete your trip to Cozumel with these traditional foods!

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