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33 Fab Things To Do In Orlando 2019 - A Helpful Video Guide

Our Things To Do In Orlando Guide

Ever think about taking a trip to The Theme Park Capital of the World?

If you're looking for things to do in Orlando, Florida, the first thing that comes to mind would be the bevvy of amusement parks that attract millions of tourists every year.

Disney World, Universal Studios, Seaworld, it seems that Orlando’s got a theme park to suit every every man, woman and child. But who’s to say that that’s all the city’s got to offer?

This guide gives you the full rundown of what to see and do...

Things To Do In Orlando

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Where Is Orlando?

Orlando is a city in Florida, USA., the heart of the Orlando metropolitan has a population of over 2 million and still growing. 

Orlando is given the moniker “The City Beautiful”, and it is easy to see why. Its official symbol is the equally beautiful fountain at Lake Eola. The city is also called the “Themepark Capital of the World” because of the numerous amusement parks that can be found there. 

Being one of the world's most famous and top tourist sites, Orlando's well-known attractions form the foundation of the city’s tourism industry. Two of the major attractions in Orlando are Walt Disney World, started by the Walt Disney Company in 1971, and located estimated 21 miles (34 km) southwest of Downtown Orlando in Bay Lake; and the Universal Orlando Resort, which opened in 1999. Most of the most significant attractions are located beside International Drive with one of those being the iconic Orlando Eye

Orlando is also one of the busiest cities in the USA for conferences and conventions, as the Orange County Convention Center, the second-largest convention facility in the United States, can also be found in Orlando.

What's The Weather Like In Orlando?

Orlando has a warm climate like much in the south of the United States. There are two basic seasons in Orlando: hot and rainy. 

The rainy season lasts from May until late September, and a warm and dry season that lasts from October through April. The city’s warm and humid climate is caused by its low elevation.

Things To Do In Orlando


Bucket List Things To Do In Orlando

(Theme parks)

1. Disneyworld

Disneyworld - Orlando, Florida's ultimate bucket list attraction

Simply the most popular of things to do in Orlando

The very first Disneyland park ever opened still offers a unique variety of thrills and laughs for every generation of Disney lover. 

Aside from meeting larger-than-life-sized Mickey and his troupe of friends, for a hundred bucks US you can enjoy dazzling nighttime fireworks displays behind the legendary Cinderella Castle (featured prominently as THE Disney logo), stroll down any of the park’s SIX different ‘lands’ (Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Main Street and Liberty Square), eat a bunch of Mickey-themed food and be a part of the Disney magic.

 It definitely is true when they say that at Disneyworld, everyone is a kid at heart: reminiscing your childhood (or enjoying it as one) will never be simpler. 

No doubt Disneyworld is on your bucket list of things to do when visiting Orlando. Our guide to rides will help you cross of some of your 'must do' list.

Our Fav Rides

To know which rides to hop onto first, here are the top 5 you would not want to miss:

Things To Do In Disneyworld - Pirates of the  Caribbean

A landmark achievement in theme park storytelling, it is a pitch-perfect attraction with perhaps the coolest theme park ride song ever.

. The burning city scene was so realistic; the Anaheim Fire Department was initially concerned about the ride's safety. But of course, it is safe.

Little kids might not enjoy this ride, though, as it has mildly frightening images and small splashdowns.

Things To Do In Disneyworld - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

It is a contemporary classic Disney theme park attraction that incorporates a breathtaking free fall ride, amazing effects, and a familiar storyline. 

The "fourth dimension" sequence, in which the ride vehicles move horizontally through the ride building is just plain incredible.

Things To Do In Disneyworld - Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

Launch to a Star Wars galaxy far, far away in this cool, modernized adaptation of one of the first motion simulator rides. The technology behind the attraction, which allows multiple possible story lines, is justly astounding.
, which will bring two new attractions and a allegedly surprising level of detail and immersion is set to open in the Studios park in 2019.

Things To Do In Disneyworld - Splash Mountain

Disney combines the classic log drop ride to an animatronics-filled dark ride themed to the Uncle Remus characters from "Song of the South." 

You'll won’t be able to hum "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" until after you get back your composure from this thrill ride!

Where Is Disneyworld?

Opening hours

Magic Kingdom Park - open from 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM 

Top Tips For Visitors

Things To Do Near Orlando

2. Universal Studios

The other famous amusement park is another giant of the entertainment industry, boasting movie franchise-themed attractions for Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Transformers, Minions (Despicable Me by extension), E.T. and many more. 

Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

You could take a tour bus to explore the whole park, eat thematic food, go space bowling, as well as engage in such mundane, everyday activities as hanging out with Velociraptors, getting your own magic wand at Ollivander’s.

Or you could listen to Bob Marley’s music, watch Animal Actors, reading along with The Cat in the Hat, fidget with Men in Black style architecture or meet the Simpsons… the place has got it all.

Things To Do In Universal Studios - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Things to do in Orlando - Harry Potter at Universal Studios
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Things To Do In Universal Studios - Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

This is not only the best attraction at Universal Orlando, it arguably one of the top theme park rides in North America. When the first Hogwarts simulation experience launched in 2010, its vivid detail and high level of immersion caused the Potter fans’ hearts to soar, and J.K. Rowling proud. The highlight of this attraction is the wild romp which includes a exit through the Hogwarts Castle, an airborne Quidditch match, terrifyingly close encounters with Death Eaters, and more wizarding world experiences. Things To Do In Universal Studios - 

Things To Do In Universal Studios

Things To Do In Universal Studios - Revenge of the Mummy

This mummy ride will definitely have you screaming for your mommy! 

Revenge of the Mummy presents a marriage of a dark ride with remarkable computer graphics and special effects and a remarkable, launched roller coaster experience.

Things To Do In Universal Studios - Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Showing the cheeky, jesting humour from the films, Minion Mayhem is both hilarious and irreverent.

It is the third attraction to be offered in the park’s ride in film theatre. With its high-def resolution and appealing story, it is by far the best of the three. 

Where Is Universal Studios?

Click for prices

3. Seaworld

Things to do in orlando - seaworld orlando
Seaworld Orlando

Some people say that the ocean is as mysterious and incomprehensible to humankind as outerspace itself; you never know what secrets are yet to be uncovered in the vastness of the depths, what incredible sights and creatures we are yet to uncover. 

If you’re more of a nature and water lover, Seaworld offers the curious visitor a taste of what we DO know, and then some. Check out vast underwater tunnels while sharks and manta rays swim overhead, see vibrant corals and billowing kaleidoscopes of exotic fish, watch orcas and dolphins do unbelievably intelligent tricks, and even feed penguins in polar-themed exhibits. 

It's these things that make Seaworld one of many peoples favourite things to do in Orlando

Then there are the rides..

Where Is Seaworld

Things To Do In The Orlando Area

4. The Epcot Center

Things to do in Orlando - Family fun - Epcot center
The Epcot Center

Disney Epcot Center is one of 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort that measures around 300 acres. 

It is twice the size of Magic Kingdom Park, and is divided into two parts: Future World and World Showcase.

The Future World is a zone dedicated to all things scientific, and it is divided into different subsections such as: agriculture, automotive safety, fossil fuels and geography. 

Future World also serves as the center’s main entrance and it showcases the park's iconic landmark, Spaceship Earth, a large geodesic sphere formation which holds a themed attraction inside. 

The current attractions in Future Word include: Spaceship Earth, Innoventions, Mission: Space, Test Track: Presented by Chevrolet, The Seas with Nemo & Friends (Turtle Talk with Crush), The Land (Soarin' and Living with the Land: Presented by Chiquita), Imagination! (Journey into Imagination with Figment), and Festival Center (Seasonal operation) (formerly Wonders of Life).

The second zone is the WORLD’S SHOWCASE. 

This part will allow you and your family the chance to travel around the world and stop in friendly countries:United States of America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, and Italy.

Circling a 40-acre lake, the 1.3 mile stroll will take you to eleven national pavilions which are filled with native entertainment, food and merchandise, brimming with each county’s culture.

If you are going to Epcot this video is a must watch as it really does share some great tips from rope drop to where to watch the fireworks from (and everything in between).

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Things To Do Near Orlando

5. Gatorland Orlando

Things to do in Orlando Florida - Gatorland
Gatorland Orlando, Florida

Aside from the amusement parks, what makes Florida so unique amongst all of the USA’s 50 states would be the Everglades, a vast swampy region which serves as home to countless species of flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. 

Of course, this natural habitat is home to the American Alligator, a large and rather dangerous creature in its natural habitat, so it is best to leave Mother Nature undisturbed and head out to Gatorland Orlando, where you can see these humungous reptiles in action from behind the safety of the stands. 


If you’re really raring for a taste of the life-threatening, head to the zipline, where you’ll zoom across alligator infested waters. Definitely NOT for the faint of heart!

Prices and opening hours - Open 10am to 6pm from the 26Th of May

Things To Do In And Around Orlando

6. Animal Kingdom

Things to do with kids around Orlando - Animal Kingdom
Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando

If you have kids, or you're a big kid yourself, then Animal Kingdom needs to be on your list of things to do while visiting Orlando.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened its gate to tourists and guests in April 22, 1998. It is the biggest of the 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park is brimming with rides, attractions, adventures and entertainment that reflect Walt Disney's commitment to nature preservation and conservation. The park pilots in animal care and research for a truly unique and memorable experience that combines learning with fun. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to more than 1,700 animals from 250 species and  are spread across 500 acres of lush landscape. 

It is divided into 7 zones: The Oasis; Discovery Island; Africa; Asia; Rafiki’s Planet Watch; Dinoland USA; Pandora—The World of Avatar.

Things To Do In Animal Kingdom - Africa Zone

In the Africa zone, guests get to ride on the Kilimanjaro Safari which will take them through the African Savannah. It also offers the Wild Africa Trek, a package that offers up-close views of the animals, lets them walk on a rope bridge over hippos and crocodiles and have a sumptuous lunch in a private safari camp on the savannah.

Things To Do In Animal Kingdom - Asia Zone

A major growth of the park came after the opening of the Asia zone. The most notable attraction here is the Maharajah Jungle Trek, a walking tour that features bats, komodo dragons, bats, deer, and birds.

Things To Do In Animal Kingdom - Dinoland

The Dinoland USA boasts of the famous attraction Dinosaur, a fast-paced and rough ride that's not advised for those with back/heart conditions.

Things To Do In Animal Kingdom - Pandora

Pandora—The World of Avatar opened in May 27, 2017.

 It is an exceptionally immersive zone that lets guests to walk into the world of the Na'vi. This park area, which was breathed into life from James Cameron’s film Avatar, has Flight of Passage, an exhilarating ride that allows guests to fly on the back of a banshee as they soar around Pandora.

Flight of Passage Avatar ride

The majority of your experiences here in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are related to nature conservation. This is an ideal  place to visit to have fun with the whole family while instilling in the children a genuine love and care for  nature and wildlife.

Here are some tips for making your visit to Animal Kingdom the best day out possible...

Where is Animal Kingdom

Things To Do In Orlando

More Things To Do Around Orlando

More Things To Do In And Around Orlando Beside Theme Parks

7. Kennedy Space Center

Things to do around Orlando - Kennedy-Space-Center
Kennedy Space Center

More of a museum than a theme park or space station, this piece of history serves as NASA’s launching pad for America’s travails into outer space. 

It has served as the base for, among others, the Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle programs. For the curious visitor it features many relics of space travel, both successful and otherwise, such as the Apollo Saturn V rocket. 

There are also virtual simulators that can take you to outer space, minus the stress of actual travel of course!

Admission starts at $47 for children (ages 3 - 11) and $57 for adults (12 years and over). You can even have lunch with an astronaut for $15.99 (child) and $29.99 (adult).

Full details on pricing and packages here

Things To Do In Orlando

8. Watch Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic

Aside from the theme parks and attractions that Orlando, Florida houses, it has also become a household name because of the NBA team Orlando Magic. The Magic started in 1987 when NBA granted them franchise, along with Charlotte HornetsMiami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves

However, they had two wait until two years after before being given the chance to play on the hard court. The very first game they played was on October 13, 1989 against the then champions Detroit Pistons, which The Magic won. Even though they won a lot of other games after that, history changed when The Magic picked their first star player—yep, you guessed it, the big man Shaquille O'Neal.

Things to see in Orlando this weekend - Orlando-Magic-Dwight-Howard
Orlando Magic - Dwight Howard

More things to do in Orlando...


The Magic once again became the NBA's most improved franchise, as they were better by 20 games. Shaq-o-Macwas the first rookie to be voted an All-Star starter since Michael Jordan in 1985.Stuff the Magic Dragon has been the Magic's mascot since 1987. Its name is a pun on Puff the Magic Dragon and the alternative name for slam dunk, “stuffing.”

Miss Stuff already? 

No worries, the Orlando Magic has pre-season upcoming games at the start of October all the way to April of next year. 

Tickets range from $14 to $540 for the best seats available. You may book tickets on the NBA site here:

Things To Do In Orange County

9. Visit Wekiwa Springs

Wekiwa Springs has been welcoming tourists and visitors since half of the nineteenth century, making it one of the oldest attractions and tourist sites in Orange County. 

The emerald waters and lush greeneries in this unique park are a sight for sore eyes if you’ve been hopping from theme parks to theme parks and malls to malls in Downtown Orlando. It provides 13 miles of hiking trail that’s begging to be explored. 

The trail is ideal for biking, horseback riding, or just easy strolling to observe the abundant wildlife and lush hammocks that the park offers. The river also presents opportunities for canoeing and kayaking, while the spring for cooling off on a hot summer’s day.

Wekiwa Springs also offers camping options, which include a full facility campground and primitive camping areas.

All in all, the park is the best place to go if you are seeking a quiet sanctuary and want to enjoy Orlando in a natural setting.

Things To Do In Orlando At Night

10. Ride The Orlando Eye

Things to do in Orlando - Visit the Orlando Eye
The Orlando Eye

If you are looking for more things to do in Orlando then the Orlando Eye is right up there , literally.

Orlando Eye or ICON Orlando is truly the ride of iconic proportions. 

It is the highest observational wheel on the North American east coast.Atop the ICON, you get to enjoy breathtaking views (literally if you are acrophobic) from 400 feet up that include Orlando attractions, downtown, and the East Coast and Cape Canaveral. 

It has a total of 30 Unique Air-Conditioned Capsules, with a capacity of 15 people per capsule. Hence, you can enjoy an intimate moment with a glass of wine or champagne while sightseeing with your date, or have fun and take Instagram-worthy panoramic pictures with your friends.

Getting into one of Orlando Eye’s capsules into one of Orlando Eye’s capsules costs $20, with a whole bunch of other package options available (such as flex passes, special occasions, groups etc).

Address: 8375 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819-9309
Phone number: +1 407-601-7907
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Fri – Sat: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

11. Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove, Orlando

Disney Cove in Orlando, Florida houses some of the most fascinating creatures of the tropical world. The theme park provides opportunity for its guests to relax on the white sand beach of Serenity Bay, marvel at vibrantly colored fish and docile sting rays at the Grand Reef, discover underwater subterranean grottos, and see one-of-a-kind birds in an exotic aviary.  Keep in mind, though, that Discovery Cove is an exclusive park and it lets only a limited number of persons in to enjoy this man-made tropical paradise.

Another cool thing about Discovery Cove is that they save their guests from the hassle of preparing by including everything they need, like equipment, food, refreshments, wet suit, and sunscreen, in the admission fee.  

Things To Do In Orlando

12. Play Golf In Orlando At These 6 Courses

Playing golf in and around Orlando
Playing golf around Orlando

If you're asking yourself "where can I play golf in the Orlando"?, this section is for you.

You could say that Florida is the golf capital of the world with over 1,250 courses (just don't tell Scotland). If you are staying in or around Orlando you will find just under 100 courses to choose from.

Here are six of the top golf courses in the area.

13. Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lounge

Golf in Orlando
Bay Hill Club's famous 17th hole

The Bay Hill Club and Lounge used to be the late Arnold Palmer’s headquarters. Hence, it follows that this course is as lavish and luxurious as his lifestyle was. 

The United States PGA Tour for Arnold Palmer Invitational is held here annually, and the players compete against each other on this three nine-looped course. Bay Hill’s rippled terrain adds favourable elevation changes to many of the holes, which is a bit uncommon for Floridian golf courses. 

The tranquil ponds, albeit beautiful, pose a threat at the risk-reward par-5 16th, par-3 17th, and superb par-4 18th. These brilliantly crafter holes provide challenge from the novice golfer to the pro players.


9000 Bay Hill Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

+1 407-876-2429

Pricing: $275, golf cart included

14. Orange County National

Panther Lake

Orange County National or Panther Lake Course is one of Orlando, Florida’s golfing gems.

It boasts of two first-rate Championship courses (Panther Lake and Crooked Cat) and an excellent practice facility. This tough and visually appealing course has plenty of water in the form of lakes and ponds. 

The landscape of the Panther Lake course was designed to provide a hilly feel.


16301 Phil Ritson Way, Winter Garden, FL 34787, USA

+1 407-656-2626

Pricing: Monday – Wednesday: $135; Thursday/Sunday: $145; Friday/Saturday: $155,

golf cart included

15. Reunion Golf and Spa Resort

Tradition course

The Reunion Resort has three excellent layouts, with the Jack Niklaus designed Tradition course being the best of the three.

The two other courses, The Legacy and The Independence, have more distinct elevation shifts, but The Tradition is characterized by softer undulations. It also has its own clubhouse, so it’s definitely the top choice.

Among many very expertly crafted holes, the par-4 14 is a masterpiece. It has an elevated tee, vast sandy waste area, and waters along the green field, so it is as stunning as it is challenging. 

The Tradition course, inarguably, is one of Jack Niklaus’ design legacies.

7593 Gathering Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747, USA

+1 407-662-1000

16. Waldorf Astoria Golf Club

Waldorf Astoria Golf Club

Waldorf Astoria Golf Club is close to Walt Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

This golf club is a newcomer, but it has handsomely made its way to the top golf course list because of the expert design by Reese Jones. It boasts of many challenges adorned with hazardous but stunning waters, and fancy bunkering.

14224 Bonnet Creek Resort Ln, Orlando, FL 32821, USA

+1 407-597-5500

Pricing:Monday-Thursday: $195; Friday-Sunday: $215

17. Champions Gate Golf

ChampionsGate golf, Orlando

The magnificently crafted setting of the ChampionsGate Golf Club is home to two equally superb gold courses: National and International.

This course has an authentic British feel to it. Unlike many British links layout, though, the ChampionsGate Golf Club has a vast expanse of water around many of the holes.

The par-5 3 resembles the par-5 14 at England’s Royal St. Saint George's.

Greg Norman designed this course with a wide array of golfing challenges, in a setting unlike most of its Floridian peers. 

8575 White Shark Blvd, Davenport, FL 33896, USA

+1 407-787-4653

Pricing: Monday-Thursday: $137; Friday-Sunday: $147

The famous Mickey Mouse bunker

Who says anything Disney is only for kids?

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course is a delight to novice and professional golfers alike. The excellently manicured links are adorned by beautiful Magnolias, with no housing in sight.

The layout is in natural setting, trees lining the perimeter of the course with some parts dense, some parts sparse.

Joe Lee designed this beauty with some water hazards, undulating greens, and several golfing challenges.

1950 Magnolia Palm Dr, Orlando, FL 32830, USA

+1 407-938-4653

Pricing: $35-$129 plus tax

Things To Do In Orlando This Weekend

19. Shop Till You Drop

Shopping in Orlando

Orlando, Florida receives annually receives around 68 million tourists with their wallets brimming with cash. 

After splurging on theme parks and attractions, their next favorite locations are the malls, and The City Beautiful also provides them with a lot of shopping options to choose from. The biggest of these malls is the Florida Mall, which draws around 20 million visitors to its more than 250 fashion, hardware, and electronic shops. 

Of course, Disney World that made Orlando famous also gets some retail action with their souvenirs that tourists can’t resist. Nevertheless, here are our top shopping picks in Orlando:

20. Orlando Premium Outlets

Orlando Premium Outlets
Orlando Premium Outlets

Orlando Premium Outlets is the Holy Grail of discount lovers (hey, who doesn’t like big discounts, right?), which makes it one of the top shopping destinations in Orlando.

The mall offers discounts from 25% to a whopping 65% on designer brands like Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Levis, Nike, Adidas, Quicksilver, Ralph Lauren, and 150 more.

This doesn’t look like your typical mall, though, because it doesn’t have outlets, but rows of shops all outdoors. The outlets are divided into several categories: ‘Designer Fashions & Sportswear’, ‘Fine Leather & Luggage’, ‘For Children’, ‘Gifts & Specialty items’, ‘Shoes’‘Accessories & Jewelry’, and ‘Food’. 

The outlet also has an Outlet Marketplace Center, which houses a few more stores. Orlando Premium Outlets has 180 stores in total.

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 daily 

Address: 4951 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 

Tel: (407) 352-9600

21. Mall at Millenia

Mall at Millenia
Mall at Millenia

If you are looking for luxury brands and you do not care much about discounts (Wow, you’re a rare kind of species), then the Mall at Millenia is the place for you. 

This upscale shopping center has big brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and so much more. 

Nowhere else in Orlando ever comes close to the Mall at Millenia. You can find this mall just south of Downtown Orlando, near major theme parks like Disney, Universal, and Seaworld.

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 23:00 (close 00:30 on Fri & Sat) 

Address: The Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL 32839 

Tel: +1 407-226-0333

22. The Florida Mall

The Florida Mall
The Florida Mall

The Florida Mall is the biggest mall in the whole of Orlando. 

It houses 250 stores and caters to 250 million visitors yearly. It covers around two million square foot of space and its shops range from small boutiques to designer brands. Moreover, it also has gadgets, electronics, home decor, DIY, accessories and health and beauty shops.

 Aside from hundreds of shopping options, The Florida Mall also has its own hotel with 510 rooms. It’s also just a few minutes away from Disney World and Universal.Latest renovations have also included a 105,000 square foot ‘Dining Pavilion’ to the mall complex, as well as more shops, a bigger seating area and free Wi-Fi all over the mall. 

It also has other facilities like foreign exchange service, valet parking, taxi stands, and children’s playground.

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 daily

 Address: 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809 

Tel: +1 407-851-6255

23. Shopping At Disney Springs

Shopping At Disney Springs

No Disneyland experience is complete with nothing else but pictures to show for it.

Hence, the Disney Springs in Orlando is the destination to buy souvenirs and other theme park –related merchandise. But don’t get us wrong, there is something here for everyone, and you can easily spend the day enjoying everything they have. 

A lot of those shops are specialty and novelty boutiques and specialize in a particular theme, such as Disney's Days of Christmas, The Candy Cauldron and Pin Traders. 

The biggest and most famous shop is World of Disney, where you can find clothes, accessories, house ware, gifts, and toys in the largest collection of Disney theme park products Disney World has to offer.

Opening Hours: 09:00-24:00 daily

 Address: Downtown 1486 East Buena Vista Drive, Downtown Disney Boat Dock, Orlando, FL 32830 

Tel: +1 407-939-6244

24. Winter Park Orlando

Shopping at Winter Park Orlando
Shopping at Winter Park Orlando

Winter Park in Orlando is a quaint upscale village that is brimming with cultural and historical attractions. 

Aside from that, it is also a place for some retail therapy. The shops and alleys will remind you of authentic European boulevards that marry history, art, and specialty shops under a long line of oak canopy. 

The area offers apparel options as well as brilliant art collections. Aside from the several museums nearby, Grace Gallery Fine Art has an impressive collection by top artists, and Scott Laurent Collection has a selection of modern art and home decorations. Also, hundreds of artists exhibit and sell their art at the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival in mid-March and the Autumn Art Festival in mid-October.

Things To Do In Orlando Tonight

Food and drink in Orlando

25. Eat Out At These Great Restaurants

Victoria and Albert’s Orlando
All tastes can be catered for in Orlando

Take a Bite of Their Gastronomic Paradise

The theme parks and other charming sights aren’t the only things that made Orlando, Florida a top tourist destination; food is also one of the reasons why this city has been called “The City Beautiful”.

We have rounded up our top picks on where to grab your grub when you’re in Orlando, so you know exactly where to go:

Kres Steakhouse in Orlando

Without further ado, here are the top restaurants in Orlando

26. Where To Eat In Orlando - Kres Steakhouse

Main-Dining-Kres Steakhouse in Orlando
Main Dining Kres Steakhouse in Orlando
Kres Steakhouse in Orlando dishes up sumptuous steaks and seafood for the family. This steakhouse is voted as the top restaurant in Downtown Orlando by several prominent publications.
Beef wellington

Foodies visiting Orlando shouldn’t miss Kres Steakhouse, as they only use in-house prime aged beef, and fresh local Floridian seafood on their menu.

Some of their bestsellers are beef Wellington, Porterhouse steak, and their delicious Lobster bisque. Their food servings are impressive too, so even the largest of appetites would find it a challenge to finish their three-course meals. They also have a bar, which gave a nice, fancy touch to their restaurant.

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 11:30 - 00:00, Sat 17:00 - 00:00 

Address: 17 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32801, USA 

Tel: +1 407-409-7227

27. Where To Eat In Orlando - Victoria and Albert’s

Lamb Loin Rainbow Carrots Banana Curry
Lamb Loin Rainbow Carrots Banana Curry

Fine and fancy dining isn’t new around the Disneyworld compound, but all the others pale in comparison with Victoria and Albert’s. 

Their prix five seven-course meal is nothing but a top-of-the line, crème de la crème dining experience. Meals here are not only food; they are an event worth remembering, whether they’re served in the chic dining room, or even on the Chef’s table. Victoria and Albert’s is most likely just reserved for special occasions, but the food and their top-notch service will surely create memories that will last for lifetime.

Onion Ash Dusted Wild Texas Boar

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday – 5:30PM – 7:30PM 

Address: 4401 Floridian Way, Orlando, FL 32830, USA

Phone: +1 407-939-3862

28. Where To Eat In Orlando - Chatham’s Place

Chatham’s Place has been the impressing the fine-dining foodies of Orlando, Florida since 1988. 

It is one of the most notable restaurants in and around Orlando because of their excellent food, wonderful ambiance, and unbeatable service. Their Cajun Crabs, Filet Mignon, and freshly-caught Floridian Grouper is a favorite on the menu. 

Their menu is not that broad, but you wouldn’t really need a lot with the superb choices that they have.

Chatham’s Place, Orlando​
Their service is also attentive, but not intrusive, so you can enjoy an intimate meal with live piano accompaniment, which makes it a top choice for client dinners and romantic dates.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday – 5:30PM – 9:00PM 

Address: 7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Phone: +1 407-345-2992

29. Where To Eat In Orlando - Beth’s Burger Bar

Beth’s Burger Bar, Orlando
Beth’s Burger Bar, Orlando

Beth’s Burger Bar didn’t earn their approval stars for nothing; they offer a customizable, build-your-own-burger menu, local and international beers, and delicious wines. 

They also have a ton of available board games, beer pong, bingo nights, and daily specials to satisfy the kid within us.

Create your own burger at Beth's

Their burgers are made only from fresh black Angus beef for optimum quality. 

If meat isn’t your thing, they also have succulent veggie burgers and tasty chicken sandwiches. Their beer special is only $2 all day, every day. 

The prices here at Beth’s Burger Bar are reasonable, and their service quick, so make them a first choice when you’re looking for a place to grab some fast bites.

Opening Hours:Monday-Saturday: 11AM – 10PM, Sunday: 10AM –10PM

Address: 9938 Universal Blvd #120, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

Phone: +1 407-203-8100

30. Where To Eat In Orlando - Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop
Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop is a dessert place second to none. 

It is said to be a chocolate heaven, and they even give you choco samples when you are there. The only downside to this shop is the long line that you can expect every day.  But hey, when you want the best, you gotta go get the best. 

This is by far, the best ice cream shop in the whole of Orlando. 

Another top seller in Ghirardelli’s is their warm brownies with fresh vanilla ice cream on top, with melted chocolate, chopped almonds, and a succulent Maraschino cherry on top. They have a wide array of luscious ice cream flavors, different drinks, and many MANY chocolates. This is definitely an outstanding ice cream shop that’s more that what meets the eye.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain - Nom nom
Ghirardelli Soda Fountain - Nom nom

Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday and Sunday: 9:30AM – 11:30PM, 

Friday-Saturday: 9:30AM –12AM: 

Disney Springs, Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830, USA

Phone: +1 407-939-5277

Unusual Things to Do in Orlando

31. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Unusual things to do in orlando

A psychic reading may not be the first thing on people’s list when they travel to Orlando, Florida for a vacation, but for a different and unique experience, a trip to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp for a psychic reading is as quirky as it gets. Located approximately 30 minutes driving from Orlando, the World’s Psychic Capital was designated by the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic District in 1991. Today, it is a residence complex with 55 private houses, but visitors are invited to participate in workshops, classes, and seminars, or get a consultation from one of the mediums.
If tapping into your spiritual side isn’t your thing, though, you could also learn more about reason why Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp was registered as a historic place.

32.The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience

Christmas and Lent come only once every year… except when you’re in Orlando! The Holy Land Experience, founded in 2001 by Jewish Marvin Rosenthal, brings the ancient city of Jerusalem to its guests in Florida. This one-of-a-kind religious theme park features exact replicas and simulations of the main sites that existed and events that transpired 2000 years ago, including the tomb where Jesus Christ was buried. The Holy Land also offers archaeological talks and impressive Biblical theatrical performances. Furthermore,  it also has a 2000-seater Church of All Nations where guests could watch top-notch dramatic presentations and get some prayer time, too.

This Biblical-themed museum also has an artifacts gallery  that’s the largest of its kind in the world, the Van Kampen Collection of Biblically Related Artefacts, houses several rare pieces that date back to four thousand years.

33. Valkyrie Doughnuts

Go big or go home! Bigger is definitely better, especially if you are in Valkyrie Doughnuts in Orlando. They offer triple-sized doughnuts that taste just as massive in flavor as they are in size. But if you don’t like going big, you don’t have to go home; Valkyrie Doughnuts also offer regular-sized treats and nuggets served in a cup. The main item on their menu are doughnuts, but they also serve other delectable options like root beer floats,  “Doughnut Sammich” or massive doughnuts stuffed with a brick of Irie Cream, soft-serve ice cream, and cold-brew coffee. It is one of the top spots to indulge in Orlando, but they don’t have a lounging place, so it’s better to take-out your treats and enjoy them at home or in the comfort of your hotel room.                            

Things To Do In Orlando

Orlando Florida definitely earned its nickname “The City Beautiful” with the plethora of theme parks, upscale malls, excellent golf courses, and fancy dinner date destinations it boasts of, and the magnificent sights and sounds it offers.

 But Orlando has more than just wizards, marine wildlife, and the iconic mouse. It is also a haven of artists and performers, of artisans and entertainers. It also has a rich historical past that is still reflected in its structures and architectures. 

The beauty of The City Beautiful goes beyond skin deep; there is more to Orlando than the attractions that puffed up its reputation for everything fun and dandy.
But whether you’ve come to the city for fun or a deeper exploration of its culture and arts, you will never run out of things to do in Orlando, Florida.

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