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The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance

Published on November 8, 2019 by skeeterseatery

It doesn’t matter if you’re making an impromptu trip to Mexico or a well-planned one: Travel insurance is a must! You may be loaded with cash or on a tight budget, securing a good travel insurance plan that covers all the bases is what you should be looking for. Here’s a checklist to help you make a wise decision!

Health is wealth:

Make sure that your travel insurance covers all your medical emergencies and evaluation expenses. Accidents can happen to anybody and while visiting vibrant Mexico, one must be armed. Been in a Snorkeling experience that went wrong? Worry not! You can receive immediate care and not lose a kidney covering for it. Though research will prove useful here; make your itinerary and ensure that all of your destinations are covered-even if it’s a one-night stay somewhere in between.

Time is money:

Good travel insurance will cover flight delays and cancellations too. Might as well cash in the waiting time, no? Can’t survive without your gadgets and jewels? Make sure that your insurance covers your expensive belongings in case of mishaps. Unforeseen circumstances that cause trip cancellations hurt, don’t they? You can claim lost funds and reimbursements from canceled accommodation, flights and activities if your insurance covers it; that better top your checklist mate! Here are a few valid reasons for cancellations that are accepted:

Your death or that of an immediate family member, or serious illnesses

Civil unrest in your area (strikes, riots)

Legal proceedings and summons

Serious damage to your property

Is your being stranded on an unknown island in Mexico without your belongings your worst nightmare? Claim your losses like a boss! Under baggage delay and loss of personal items insurance companies are liable to pay for damage to your belongings or replace them. Choose your travel insurance package wisely before you step into Mexico for an adrenaline-packed break from life!

Meet The Author
On a vacation trip to Cozumel in 2008, we immediately knew we had to move! It was a time in our lives to listen to that little voice in our heads. We regrouped to lead a saner life. What’s not to love about a Mexican casa with a tropical garden and a cooling pool? Building our second vacation rental, we furiously went about renovations inside and out to create an oasis our guests could enjoy. We really focused on what we wanted as renters. We now love sharing our newest villa with others here in Cozumel. We work in the background with the guests providing an island escape. Silvia has extensive knowledge of the travel and resort industry from her time spent with Vista Del Mar Boutique Hotel, Cozumel Bar Hop tours, Odyssey Tours, and Royal Holiday Club. My background as the former owner of a restaurant helps me offer outstanding customer service to ensure your vacation dreams are reached. That little voice has never left us. By listening to our clients, we work to improve their vacation experience.
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