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The Mġarr Strawberry Festival - 2019


Mġarr (Imjarr) is a little village surrounded by lush green valleys at the North West of Malta known for its farming tradition. In its centre a beautiful church in a square on top of a hill - a lovely place to visit at any time of the year (it's relatively close to some nifty beaches too) but at this time of year, it's got something even more special to offer. The strawberries are in season and the locals think it's a great opportunity for a general knees-up.

The Mġarr Strawberry Festival is very much a family event and a great place to meet the locals. A constant supply of freshly picked strawberries are ferried regularly to the village square by the farmers themselves. Stalls sell a wide variety of desserts, snacks and beverages with a common ingredient, fresh Imġarr strawberries. There's the expected home made strawberry wine, jams, conserves and other typical products but we also encountered such novelties  as strawberry ravioli (Tasted surprisingly delicious actually) !

So keep your diaries free on the 28th April 2019. Strawberry fields for ever!

How to get there: Google map

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