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The Best Apres-Ski Spot in Exuma

Published on May 12, 2018 by

This may seem like a strange topic to discuss on an island that has never seen snow, but our "apres-ski" refers to "after jet ski".

First some background: The Bahamas comprises over 700 islands and the string of islands called The Exuma Cays alone comprises over 350 islands, so wherever you are there is a good chance that there are islands all around you, which is why our famous blue waters are almost always calm as the Ocean has no "fetch".

This in turn makes for perfect setting for jet skiing, not just in a small area going back and forth, but weaving in and out of the bays and islands. So when we talk about apres-ski in Exuma we are not so much thinking of a particular bar to finish up at, and swop stories about our exploits, we may be talking about a beach to relax and picnic on.
Elizabeth Harbour lends itself to jet

skiing, surrounded by islands providing shelter from winds on most days, and there the logical apres-ski bar must be Chat N Chill, where KB, the owner and host has the cold Kalik and a tasty burger ready for you.

Meet The Author
My wife and I have lived on the beautiful tropical island of Great Exuma for 17 years. For the last six years we have rented out the entire upper level of our two story home and we have received over 130 five star reviews. Let us share our knowledge of this beautiful island with you
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