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10 best family cycling holiday destinations in Europe

The 10 Best Family Cycling Holiday Destinations In Europe

The 10 Best Family Cycling Holiday Destinations In Europe

10 best cycling holiday destinations in the europe

Europe offers a diverse scenery making the continent a walhalla for a cycling holiday. Here we showcase the 10 best family cycling holiday destinations in the Europe

From the rough North of Scandinavia to the warm southern Mediterranean countries and from the mysterious destinations in Eastern Europe to the beautiful green coloured landscapes of Ireland.

Cycling enthusiasts who love mountainous areas find their playground in the Pyrenees, the Alps or the Balkan.
It’s up to you to make a choice in these range of amazing destinations.

Which family holiday destination suits you?

Normandy, France

Cycling and France is a perfect match. Think about the Tour de France, probably the world’s most famous annual cycling race that has the best cyclists competing.

Instead of dreaming away in front of your television screen, choose Normandy as your next cycling holiday. The region has over 550 kilometres of cycling routes that were converted into greenways.

It is the perfect combination of exploring Normandy and catching fresh air. Soak up the local culture with one of the great themed rides.

Bornholm, Denmark

For several years in a row, Copenhagen was competing with Amsterdam for being the best cycling capital in the world, and it’s a trend that spreads out over the whole country.

The island Bornholm, located in the Baltic Sea is one of the top destinations when it comes to cycling. Not densely populated, a coastline with dunes and sand beaches only to be interspersed with steep out of the sea rising cliffs.

The island is scattered with picturesque small villages and the ‘capital’ Rønne as a great base for a family cycling holiday.
It's an ideal place for biking, even younger or untrained cyclists can feel perfectly safe. Most of the bicycle routes and paths are separated from other traffic.

The island has established a network of bicycle routes that now extends to just over 250 kilometres.

The bicycle route network enables cyclists to travel in safety around the island and experience the natural splendour of Bornholm at close hand. The network is composed of the former railway lines, paths, forest lanes, lightly trafficked municipal roads and paths or marked bicycle lanes along the highways.

Looking For Accommodation On Bornholm?


Most people think Mallorca is a concatenation of beaches surrounded by big hotel resorts.

The natural beauty of Mallorca is a surprise to many of its visitors. The largest island of the Baleares has a lot to offer when it comes to nature. Green plains, mountain massifs and even a few pristine beaches. In the hinterland, you cycle across pine forests and through picturesque villages.

Cycling the island is an active way of exploring its history and culture given by Roman, the Moors and Castillian ancestors.

Best family cycling holiday destinations in Europe cont...

Kent, United Kingdom

The county Kent in South England offers splendid landscapes with hilly terrain.

Those who are not intimidated by this terrain will enjoy views on small villages with country houses, cozy pubs and beautiful gardens.

The medieval city of Canterbury is a great base for exploring the surroundings. Here you will find the University of Kent causing several student accommodations to be rented out in the summer to holiday tourists as a vacation rental.

Zeeland, the Netherlands

Remember the thing we said about Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The same can be said about the Netherlands.

The province Zeeland in the south of the country is one of the most beautiful regions and has several cycling routes leading to villages such as Middelburg, Vlissingen, Renesse en Goes. And Zeeland has even more to offer.

With landscapes of water, small dikes, meandering pathways and dunes you will spend most of the time in a beautiful natural environment. Seeing the typical Dutch windmills is no unusual experience either.

Tuscany, Italy

Few words are necessary to introduct Tuscany. With vineyards situated on the hills of the landscape, a great climate and the dolce vita lifestyle, the region is as wonderful as it looks in the movies.

Besides that, it is the heart of Italian cycling. Legendery cyclists like Coppi and Bartali are embedded in their culture like a religion. Chances are low that you will be the only one riding on a bike as lots of the older population here seem as fit as professional racers. Just don’t let this put you off.

Algarve, Portugal

Looking for a family cycling holiday with good weather, nice views and delicious food?

The Algarve might be your best pick. While the coastline might be too crowded in peak season, the hinterland of the Algarve offers quiet small streets, gently sloping landscapes and small villages that boast a authentic mediterranean culture.

Locals consider this region as the true Portugal. The Algarve offers plenty of accommodation options, such as hotels, farms or vacation rentals.

The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts looking for a challenge or for families that want their efforts rewarded by spectacular panoramas. It’s hard to pick one specific region as all of them offer great vistas.

Explore some Swiss highlights on your bike or tick that mountain col off your bucket list. Switzerland has many options when it comes to cycling.

The best thing is you don’t even have to choose as in Switzerland, taking your bike with you on public transport is quite common.

Black Forest, Germany

The rolling landscape of Germany offers great conditions for a cycling holiday.

The Black Forest lures active travellers with its many hiking and cycling routes. It is the largest low mountain range in southwest Germany and is one of the popular tourist destinations.

Characterised by its dense forests, the region offers an active enjoyable holiday in a beautiful natural environment. The Black Forest region has about 3500 kilometres of mountain biking trails.

Not an experienced biker? You can fine tune your technique in one of the many biking parks scattered in the region.

Skane, Sweden

Few settings are better than Skane in the south of Sweden. For many travellers, Skane is the first encounter with Swedish culture and it stuns them immediately.

Sweden is a large, cycling-friendly nation that has a well-developed network of cycling routes.

In Skane alone, there are over 800 kilometres of well-marked routes that lead you through green, agricultural or urban regions.

Also the Swedish coastline is worth to explore on bike. Visit one of the large Swedish cities by bike? No problem, as they all have a safe network for cyclists.

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