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Self-Drive Boats in Exuma

If you want to rent a self-drive boat in Exuma Bahamas then you should head for Minns Water Sports.  Contact Kent or Diane, the current operators of this family owned successful long standing business. Started by Diane’s father Basil Minns, the operation now has 21 rental boats.

The smaller boats are mostly the ever popular Boston Whalers, starting at 15ft with a 60 HP outboard engine, ideal for a couple or small family. Then they have 17ft, 19ft, 20ft and finally 22ft Whaler with twin 115Hp outboards.

When you rent you are given an extensive training on how to operate, how to anchor, courtesy for others on the water and a full safety briefing on how to use the VHF radio, the buoyancy vests. Then comes the map with all the snorkeling spots, the  blue holes, the sand bars and the beaches.

Then its out to the boat with full fuel tank and on into Elizabeth Harbour. This picturesque setting extends for around 7 miles east to west and around one mile north to south. It is surrounded by Great Exuma on the southside and a string of offshore islands on the north. Fowl Cay has the best snorkeling so pick up a mooring bouy (anchoring not permitted), secure your bowline and get in the warm water and see the fish life and the colorful coral.

After toweling off we move east to see and visit the sandbar that extends off the westside of Man O War Cay at low tide. A great photo op.

Next we head to one of the options for lunch. It could be Chat ‘N Chill to see the sting rays and enjoy the pig roast. It could be St Francis for cracked conch and a visit to the Atlantic side of Stocking Island.

Hey! it’s only lunchtime. I’m going to save the rest of the day’s trip for another time. Let me give you an idea of cost for your boat rental. The one  day rental rate is from $180 to $265 depending on boat size. Those rates drop for bookings for consecutive days. There

is a refundable deposit and you pay for the fuel you have used.

There are half day rentals but you cannot book ahead, they are only for walk-ins.

We recommend our guests spend at least one day of their vacation exploring beautiful Elizabeth Harbour. It’s a treat not to be missed.

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