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Selecting the Best Seafood

Selecting the best seafood at the local seafood market is no doubt important to you. You want to pick the best tasting, freshest, and the safest seafood. Rule of thumb #1 is - select seafood caught locally if you can. This is no problem in New Smyrna Beach, Florida as their seafood markets carry locally caught fish, some even the same day.

Fresh fish and seafood are not only some of the most expensive items in the store, but they are also some of the most perishable. You want to buy the freshest product that you can.

Common sense will tell you that the market or store should be clean. Look to make sure that the fish and shellfish are properly iced. And do ask if anything was previously frozen, because this will affect your ability to re-freeze it.

What to look for when buying fish and shellfish*

seafood selection NSB

Whole Fish

  • Skin - should look shiny
  • Scales - should be tight to the body of the fish
  • Flesh - should be firm and should bounce back when you press it
  • Gills - should be bright red or pink – no mucus
  • Color - there should be no browning around the belly cavity
  • Eyes - should be bright and clear
  • Smell – there should be no fishy smell – just a mild ocean smell

Fish Fillets and Steaks

  • Flesh - should be translucent. The surface should not be sticky.
  • Skin - should be bright with no milky substance
  • Color - no browning on the edges of the meat
  • Smell – there should be no fishy smell – just a mild ocean smell


  • Meat - should be firm. The legs should be intact.
  • Color - no browning or blackening on the edges – no black spots
  • Smell – there should be no fishy smell – just a mild ocean smell

Live Lobsters

  • Ideally, you should buy lobster from a lobster pound or a seafood market that has lobsters delivered daily.
  • Color - they come in many different colors, so that should not matter
  • Alive - it should be active and lively

Blue Crab

  • Alive - the legs should be moving and whole.
  • Body – there should be no cracks in the body, claws, or edible legs.
  • Smell – there should be no fishy smell – just a mild ocean smell


Seafood Market in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

seafood market NSB

Fresh seafood markets abound in Florida. There is a seafood market and restaurant located about 1/2 mile away from our condo on the beach. Ocean's SeafoodS is well -known for its delicious, fresh local seafood, expertly prepared. They have a fresh seafood market on site as well. The restaurant is very casual. Online reviews reveal many repeat tourists making it a point to stop by every time they travel in the area.

map fish market NSB

Selecting the best seafood is no "shore" matter, but hopefully with the tips above and selecting locally caught seafood, you will pick out the best seafood for your dinner table!

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