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The Plight Of The Average Vacation Rental Owner

The Plight Of The Average Vacation Rental Owner

Published on December 5, 2018 by alan egan

The Plight Of The Average Vacation Rental Owner

The law of averages…

If I were to ask any vacation rental owner if they think that their property is above average, then pretty much all of them would say a resounding, “yes”.

Then if I were to ask them where they advertise, the majority would say HomeAway, VRBO, Booking or Airbnb.

What they don’t understand is that if you advertise your property on a listing site, that in itself make you average.

By definition, when you add your property to a list of a million (5 million plus in the case of Airbnb or Booking)plus other properties it instantly becomes average.

It makes no difference if your condo is a penthouse with commanding sea views, if your place is high end and on the beach or if it’s located in a beautiful 500-acre rolling landscape - It’s average. One photo among 1,000’s of other property photos.

It is literally impossible to stand out from the crowd on any of these platforms.

Your exposure is out of your hands.

Your property is displayed when they decide to display it.

Where they decide to display it.

It’s surrounded by other average properties.

It gets worse…

The average potential guest has the ability to sort by price.

Let’s face it, none of us like paying more than we have to for the things that we are looking to buy and this is no different in the holiday rental market.

This is the kiss of death to the average owner because below averagely priced properties are displayed first and this gives the impression that the average property is overpriced - Even if it’s priced at a standard mean rate for the area.

Sort by price is driving your business into the ground. It’s a race to the bottom.

So what is the average VR owner to do?

There is only one way to become better than average and that is to become unique.

Uniqueness is an attractive quality and, better still, it attracts a higher price tag.

The good news is that what we have to offer is already unique.

Even in a block of 100’s of, same footprint, condos - No two are the same. We have different fixtures and fittings, different furniture and decor, extra little touches and each owner is different.

It’s only the current method of advertising that makes us average.

Here at vacation soup, we are giving away the tools that you need to showcase your unique qualities to the market.
Everything that we offer highlights your, above the norm qualities.

If you would like a free vacation rental website (and free video course) that makes you stand out from the crowd click here

Check out some examples of sites created via our giveaway by clicking on the photo below...

I haven’t written this article in order to sell you anything.

I’ve written it so that you ask yourself if you are happy being average.

On average, the average owner isn’t happy being average.


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