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Playa del Carmen Is an adventure in Gastronomy

Published on March 7, 2019 by Karenb

Gastronomic Pleasures

When people think about traveling to Playa del Carmen Mexico they envision  white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters.  What many don't think about or even know is Playa del Carmen is one big orgy of gastronomy!

Playa del Carmen has over 1,000 restaurants according to Trip Advisor. There's any type of food and restaurant that you can imagine. Some of the best food can be found on  food trucks!

If  you're scared off by the notion of a food truck that is OK as there is no shortage of eating establishments on Quinta Avenida or better known as 5th avenue.  Greek, French, Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, as well as local Mayan food.

Here's a short list of some of our favorites mind you this is a very short list and have barely scratched the surface...

Zenzi Located on Calle 10 and the beach in Playa del Carmen. If you want to eat and have a few cocktails with your toes in the sand and listen to live music this is the place to visit.  Food is really good for a beach bar, service is also great and the vibe is really chill.  It is about 10 blocks down 5th ave from where Cruz is located about a 10 minute stroll.  You can take in the sights and scope our your next gastronomic pleasure.


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Chez Celine which is right near the condo on 5th and 34th St,  is one of my favorites.  It is great for Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.  It is French however not fussy.  Very fresh and once again the service is great!

Blue Lobster is also one of my favorites with a great cozy atmosphere.  Food is excellent and you will not be disappointed.

Sur Steak House  If you are celebrating a special occasion and like steak I suggest Sur Steak House located on 10th ave. It is not inexpensive however the service is over the top. When we ate there we had one waiter that just waited on us.  You can dine al fresco or eat inside, great for people watching too!

Amate 38 located on Calle 38 is wonderful and serves up original Mayan Food.  Lovely outdoor dining and very pretty at night.  We sat near the babbling brook and it was delightful.

Negroamaro is excellent Italian and really good pizza if you like pizza.  We eat there a lot and it is 1 street over from the condo and 5th avenue.

500 Gramos Grill is very good for steak as well.  The service can be a little off as they don't have a lot of tables and fill up quick so there may be a wait.


Lots Of good Eats!



Meet The Author
My name is Karen Bickford and I live in Massachusetts USA. I am the owner of a maid service in MA. My husband owns his own plumbing company. Together we own two vacation rentals. One in Clearwater Beach Florida and the other in Playa del Carmen Mexico. We love sharing our slices of paradise with others that visit the area.
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