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Phuket Pronunciation- How To Pronounce Phuket Correctly

Phuket Pronunciation - How To Pronounce Phuket Correctly

Published on November 2, 2018 by Tif Martin

We often get asked how to pronounce Phuket so here's the lowdown on pronouncing it without sounding like you are swearing at people 🙂 We've even included a video so that you can hear locals and expats pronouncing Phuket correctly.


Thailand is a vibrant country in Asia that’s mainly identified with its collage of vivacious scenes of Buddhist temples watched over by monks in their brightly colored orange robes, bustling marketplaces, lots of motorbikes, artistic handicrafts, lush vegetations speckled with farming villages, gorgeous coastlines adorned with lagoons and spectacular beaches, and ancient ruins that depict how the early Thais lived their lives. This remarkable picture of Thailand fairly justifies why this charming country is Southeast Asia’s most coveted travel destination.


phuket pronunciation

If you want to experience everything Thailand has to offer, we suggest visiting the province of Phuket. Next to Bangkok, which is the country’s capital, Phuket is the most identified place—and is also the largest island—in Thailand. It is comprised of several islands and is very popular with beach lovers.
The large island of Phuket and its 32 surrounding islets are in the Andaman Sea, off the western coast of Thailand.

There are 30 stunning beaches within the area, so Phuket is the dream summer travel destination for people who love the tropical climate and warm vacations. Aside from sun, sand, and lots of water, the central town is packed with nightclubs, bars, and discos. This province is also one of the most open when it comes to gender diversity, so men, women, and gay folks can enjoy their time in Phuket without discrimination based on their sexual preferences.

Phuket Pronunciation- How To Pronounce Phuket Correctly

However, before you get too excited and pack your suitcase, do you know how to pronounce Phuket, the name of this Thai province?
Phuket only has two syllables, but it is relentlessly mispronounced by tourists. The way most people say it sounds like a phrase you shouldn’t say in front of children. Yes, like “Fuket” or “Fukc it”. It does sound like a profanity, which—I think—makes perfect sense since, in the English language, the letters "p" and "h" next to each other make an "f" sound. Thai's, though, say words beginning with “Ph” with a stressed “P” sound, so Phuket is actually pronounced “Poo-ket” or “Poo-get”.

Check out this video as a guide:

Mispronouncing Phuket can happen to the best of us. Here's a news reporter getting it very wrong live on air


Here are some basic Thai phrases with English translation that would be very handy for tourists:

Sawatdee (krub/kah) Hello
Sabai dee ru (krub/kah) How are you?
Sabai dee (krub/kah) Fine
Khob Khun (kup/kaa) Thank you
chai Yes
mai chai No
dai (you/ I) can
mai dai can not
mai pen rai never mind (handy all purpose phrase to express the Thai go-with-the-flow attitude)
pood Thai mai dai I can not speak Thai.
kow jai mai do you understand?
mai kow jai I do not understand
nee Tao Rai? How much?
pang expensive
pang mak very expensive
lot noi dai mai can you give a little discount
took cheap
naam water
chok dee good luck
sanaam bin Airport
ron hot
nao cold
hong naam toilet

Now that you know how to pronounce Phuket properly without offending any Thais, and you have knowledge of the basic phrases that you need to know to enjoy the place, you might want to put it into action and take a trip to Phuket. You will gladly discover that there are a lot more activities to do on the islands than just bask under the glorious Thai sun.

How To Pronounce Phuket, pronouncing Phuket correctly

The top things to see and do in Phuket include travelling around the lush Thai vegetations through a thrilling zip line tour the company Flying Hanuman offers. Wandering around the rustic colonial-style and heavily Portuguese influenced museums, boutiques, and cafes is also a splendid idea.
Phuket is verdant with its green foliage. One of the things you should do here is to visit the thick jungle and the mesmerizing waterfalls. There are a lot of falls to count, but the most popular are Ton Sai, Kathu, and Bang Pae.

You shouldn’t miss “Big Buddha Phuket” either (see above photo), that is seated at the top of a hill in the southern part of the island. Aside from the 150-foot marmoreal statue, the panoramic view of the island is definitely one for the books.

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