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Peace After The Storm

Hurricane Dorian has made an impact on the Carolina coast. Winds lashed and ripped porch screens, any loose panels and fascia boards were strewn about, and many roof shingles were ripped away. All-in-all, Folly Beach and most of the Carolina coast fared well with mostly minor damage. The expected storm surge and tides did not cause major flooding aside from flooding that is typical in the lowlands.

Other than the piles of yard debris set out for collection, the only other signs that there was an unusual weather event were the countless fiddler crabs scurrying across the drive, likely driven out of their nesting spots. And less likely owed to Hurricane Dorian, the lovebugs are out flying around coupled together in a mating frenzy. This is a seasonal event in late August and early September in the Southeast.

I was struck by how quickly calm and peace has been restored here on Folly Beach, the "Edge of America." The Folly River meanders through the marsh bringing with it pods of dolphin and countless species of birds. From my porch, I'm able to watch recreational boaters, kayaks and paddle boarders. It is an incredible backdrop for beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

While performing minor repairs during the day, I sent my drone aloft to take video and use my smartphone to capture some sunset shots. Media was clipped and mixed together in this tranquil and peaceful video.

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