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Why it works

Be different. Be what guests want.

Guests want to know about the area, and they want to pay less than the big listing site prices

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”
Seth Godin
author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker

Destination Marketing Works

Great marketing is story driven.

Sharing your personal recommendations does increase your traffic, but from an isolated website it may not be enough to fill all your vacancies. Sharing your recommendations through us gets your message out there.

Vacation Soup guides all the owners through making regular targeted posts about your destination such as "Best Beach Bars [in your location]".  This makes sure that we - as a group - are writing volumes of quality posts that people are actively looking for.

We then syndicate members posts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, Google and email  – creating huge exposure for the currently active terms and ensuring Vacation Soup is a trusted source for travellers, Google and the social providers.

We are literally flooding the search algorithms with destination rich articles that guide travellers to Vacation Soup, and guests to your site, so much so that Google is treating us as a News source - the Holy Grail of Internet marketing.

We will become the place travellers go to when they want to research their next dream holiday and the place they will find your property.

PPC Advertising your property

Success for an online travel brand is much more than just organic search positioning.

We are committed to finding guests for you, and we will dedicate a significant portion our advertising budget in Pay-Per-Click advertising (display and search) that features each owner's property on the landing page when they click.

The search advertising is driven by our automated algorithms, to mainly target terms that people are using when they are in early stage planning of their trip, however all the marketing techniques used will evolve continually.


Reducing your marketing costs

Vacation Soup keeps your costs to a minimum while allowing you to control how much you spend on marketing your property without an enormous leap-of-faith. 

The minimum Vacation Soup membership fee is $29.95/mo. This really should be a tiny fraction of your overall marketing budget and our goal is introduce enough guests to you that you stop using some, if not all, of the big listing sites.

We keep the costs low by using the latest automated technology in marketing, and because you, our owners, are generating the content.

We are also planning to introduce a Member-Get-Member scheme, giving you a free month for each member you introduce.

Our Readers, Your Guests, New Markets

Primary Market

Being a unique source of local information, accommodation, hints and tips for travellers from around the world, Vacation Soup will bring you guests during the research phase of their planning.

Specialist Brands

Vacation Soup will be served in many styles. With all the rich, current destination content we will create specialist interest sites and channels such as Vacation Soup for Golfers and Yoga Vacation Soup.

International Guests

We will also be leveraging our extensive international connections and experience. Targeting potential guests from specific markets such as Europe and Asia - potentially with local language versions in some cases, will enable local travel agents to be driven to your website

Travel Agents

Not all travellers book direct! In some markets, most notably retired travellers and some international markets, Human Travel Agents are responsible for more than half of bookings.

We also want to target those agents, encouraging them to research and book through your site and to use all our rich content to create a colourful holiday for their customers. They would of course require a commission, but we have ideas on that too.