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Our Vision

To become the largest and most trusted brand in Vacation Rentals for both owners and their guests.

We will achieve this through technical excellence in destination marketing using owner generated content.

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Who are we?

Core Values

One of the most important parts of a successful business relationship is understanding what is under-the-hood emotionally each way.

Core Values are a simple and effective way of communicating our emotional framework, saying who we are. 

We use them continually to influence decision-making and they are fundamental to how we think and behave together, with clients and suppliers.


To have Passion you get goosebumps just thinking about it! You have to be wedded to the outcome, to really care and be invested.


To be ruthlessly honest to the core with each other and with clients. For example, if something goes wrong (however serious), the client is the first to be told.


We will always strive to be the best and to carry out tasks in the optimum way. Quality in product and service is simply not optional.


We are all symbiotic. As owners we need to be found by guests, as guests we need local ideas and information. The more we put in, the more we get out.


Up to 10% of your lifetime's heartbeats are spent working or learning. Make them enjoyable, be personal, be human. Smile.

Our Manifesto

 [man-uh-fes-toh] - nounplural manifestoes.
a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, asone issued by a government, sovereign, or organization.

We exist for our owners

We are an owners only platform. We provide a service for owners, providing exposure for their properties and a source of direct bookings.  

We will never charge booking fees

We are a publisher, not a Travel Agent. There are plenty of companies who will charge booking fees for marketing, our revenue streams will be mainly owners fees and advertising. 

All encompassing community

A one stop shop for meeting, marketing, discussing and learning and News. Whether you want help for word-blindness or to team up to form a fighting force against the big OTAs, we can help make your voice be heard.

Open up the world of local insights

We will provide a treasure trove of local, interesting, current topics as well as owner marketed VR properties, adding value beyond every other listing site.

Lowest rental rates anywhere

Booking directly with the owner will always be cheaper than through an OTA. This is a major Unique Selling Point - our guests will save 10% by booking via us compared with  AirBnB, VRBO, etc.

We'll get you going

The biggest hurdle for some to join us will be creating a (good) website. We already made this a simple task with videos targeted at beginners and suppliers ready to help at every stage.

Empower Owners

We want you to become the channel. Everything that we do points back to your site directly. Your house, your business, your terms, your rules. 

THE go to place for go-to places

We will be the most interesting place for travellers to come to.  A wealth of little known travel recommendations, written by you, the people that know the area intimately.

Our Plan



Build Core Solution

Build The Stock
WordPress 3 hour solution

Build the Waiter
WordPress smart forms and syndication plugin

Announce Vacation Rental World Summit





September 2017

Launch plugin to existing WordPress users

October 2017
Launch Community

November 2017
Launch Learning centre

December 2017
Soft-launch to 2 destinations for a month (closed doors)


1st Jan 2018

Main site launch

first 100 days

Develop best-practices in all disciplines



Launch Vacation Soup sub brands

Launch integrated guest CRM

Launch owners post-it app


Overtake VRBO