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Here is how you get started

1. Register with Vacation Soup

This gives you access to the Learning Centre free videos,  Community and enables you to post articles in The Soup.

1. You are registered

2. Choose your membership type

Publishing to promote your property is a long-term game, we heavily discount lower memberships

2. You are already a member

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3. Get ready to post

You can start writing straight away, whatever your website is based on, even if you don't have a website yet.

If your website is based on WordPress, it is better if you post from within your own site,  just go to Plugins->Add New and search 'Vacation Soup'.


4. Add your properties

You need to add each property. Just follow the link and see how easy it is to add them.

If you are a Property Manager with over 10 properties we may be able to automatically on-board them.


5. Show your posts in your site

If your site is WordPress your posts will show automatically. You will need to use the RSS feed to show your posts for all other website types.

If you don't have your own website yet (AirBnB and HomeAway are not owner's websites!), check out our free and custom-built websites.

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