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The Big 100% #BookDirect Survey

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Your Destination

Marketing your property is all about the destination. Some destinations need to employ a different mix of marketing tools. Please chose the destination type that is closest to yours, based on what past guests have said to you.
How would your typical guests categorise your Destination?
Some owners only rent their property for only a few weeks, others have limited seasons. Enter the number of weeks your property was offered for rental in the year.
This is the currency used for all answers in this survey.
The total revenue you received for the year in question, after any transaction fees have been deducted (pay-per-booking fees). Do not deduct annual (or fixed) listing costs or other marketing costs.

This survey is for analysis only, if you provide contact details they will not be used for marketing by Vacation Soup or our partners. The answers are anonymous by default and we will not use or keep any personal data relating to you which we will destroy securely after the analysis is complete. You will have the option to change permissions on the last page.

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