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There are different ways in which you can benefit from using the soup. We have free options that help boost your brand and paid options that will give you much more exposure. The choice is yours

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List Your Property

Find the plan that works for you!

Discounts Applied

The discount from your coupon has been applied to the prices on this page.

Choose from 3, 6, or 12 months.
You get a free extra month when you introduce another member.

Prices & Ordering

Please select your duration. Prices exclude European taxes if applicable.

6 Monthly

The best of both worlds
$£krAU$NZ$C$ 129109999129139189139
Every 6 months
  • Equivalent $21.65£18.32kr166,65€21,65AU$23.32NZ$31.65C$23.32 monthly
  • Max 2 properties
  • Personal profile shown
  • Over 400 Training Videos
  • Links back to your site
  • Increased Social Exposure


Our lowest cost tarrif
$£krAU$NZ$C$ 1991791.499199249299249
  • Equivalent $16.66£14.99kr124,99€16,66AU$20.83NZ$24.99C$20.83 monthly
  • 2 properties included
  • Add Further Properties
  • Personal Profile shown
  • Over 400 Training Videos
  • Links back to your site
  • Increased Social Exposure

3 Monthly

Dip your toe
$£krAU$NZ$C$ 8969699899910999
Every 3 months
  • Equivalent $29.98£23.31kr233,31€29,98AU$33.31NZ$36.65C$33.31 monthly
  • Max 2 Properties
  • Personal Profile Shown
  • Over 400 Training Videos
  • Links back to your site
  • Increased Social Exposure

Additional Property Licenses

Add any additional property licenses after you have paid for your initial membership.

2 Properties are included in the membership. Annual members can add more:

  • Next 3 properties (total of 5) cost $149.95£129.95kr899,95€149,95AU$189.95NZ$229.95C$189.95 each
  • Next 5 properties (to a total of 10) cost $139.95£119.95kr799,95€139,95AU$179.95NZ$199.95C$179.95 each
  • Next 10 properties cost $129.95£99.95kr599,95€129,95AU$159.95NZ$179.95C$159.95 each

For even more properties please see our Property Manager section at Using The Soup.


Introduce New Members

The more members there are on Vacation Soup, telling more stories - especially in your destination - the more visitors and bookings we will all get.

You will receive 1 months free membership for every owner that you refer that then becomes a subscriber.

  • When the member signs up they will have to identify you as their introducer.
  • They can only identify one person as their introducer.
  • Once set, the introducer cannot be changed.

Create Brilliant Content

Owners that accumulate the most points for a month will be rewarded with Featured Properties and Featured Articles on the Soup's homepage.

The best articles (highest points) by region will become featured posts and receive more exposure.
The most shared articles of the week will be displayed on the Editors Pick section of the Homepage of the site.
Articles will receive bonus points for shares and comments across the Vacation Soup social media network.


Membership fees provide you with:

  • Your properties are listed on Vacation Soup, searchable by Geography, Magazine and the tags used in your posts.
  • Your posts and properties have a direct link from Vacation Soup back to your website.
  • Google Adwords promoting your posts, property and destination.
  • Facebook advertising your posts, property and destination
  • Your posts syndicated across the Vacation Soup social media network
  • Access to the Vacation soup Learning Center (with over 400 tutorials)
  • Access to the Vacation Soup Community For Vacation Rental Owners

The website will be promoted through paid campaigns as well as organic content on social media such as Facebook, twitter etc.
Also, the website has a special function that generates Google Pay Per Click campaigns based on what has been contributed by the owners.

This will promote, destinations, activities and in some cases even the individual properties. Once again, the more you write in your guide, the more keywords related to your destination could appear in the Google adverts.

You do!

We exist to help owners take control of their business and having a website that you control is absolutely part of that. That is why the course, the template and the publishing plug-in is free. You have full control.

We never own any part of your website, you register the domain and hosting with SiteGround yourself and follow the video instructions from there. You can do whatever you like with the website, including subscribing to Vacation Soup or not.

New members will be able to add your name and email when they sign up. Each referral will earn you 1 month of free subscription, added to your current paln

The plug-in - 'The Waiter' delivers your content to the world.

The fact is, the more you publish on your site, the better it ranks on Google. The same is true for the Vacation Soup traveller website, this is why we reward those who publish more often. The more that you add the more it benefits your brand and the higher value your offering is to your website visitors. 

For many people, writing articles is not easy. The Waiter plugin is designed to help you write content for your site easily and efficiently.

  1. The Waiter suggest topics you could be writing about so that you never get writers block.

  2. It helps you to prepare articles in advance and schedule when articles are to be published, meaning that you can sit and prepare a months worth of posts quickly. They will automatically be published on the dates that you have chosen.

  3. Articles can easily be optimised for Google searches through categories, location and relevance.

  4. We advise on how to set up auto syndication. Once set up, your articles will be automatically distributed to your linked social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

  5. Your articles will also be shared to the Vacation Soup traveller website and shared thoughout the Vacation Soup social media network.

  6. The Waiter works for you,  making your website visible, easy to update and part of the wider Vacation Soup marketing effor

As often as you can is the simple answer.

Search engines will rank your site higher in search if it sees that the content is regularly updated. The more you share, the more you appear in online searches.
We have a whole video course on how to bulk prepare your posts and our Waiter plug-in will even offer suggestions on what to write about, that way you never get writers block. The Waiter plugin will even schedule your posts for you so you can prepare many articles at once and these will be published automatically on the days that you specify.

The fact is, the more that you publish on your site, the better it ranks on Google. The same is true for the Vacation Soup traveller website, this is why we reward those who publish quality posts more often.

Your target should be about 3 medium sized articles a week. The most important thing to remember is you are posting to promote your destination and your own website. 

We rank properties and posts so that those with the highest scores are at the top. The more you post, the more your property and posts will be seen.

We calculate your score monthly as follows:

  • You earn Vacation Soup ‘points’ by generating quality posts.
  • Naturally you get per article credits, but with bonuses:
    • Earn extra credits for likes and shares on social media.
    • 100 credits if you include extra images.
    • 200 credits if you include video.
  • Credits will also be awarded for shares and comments.

Auto-translators do not come with the website as standard.

It is possible to add an auto-translator to your website that will allow users to choose which language they prefer. The website is then automatically translated to the language they choose.

It is not always perfect, but generally the message is comprehensible. It takes just a couple of minute to add a translation plug-in.

The process for signing up involves registering a domain name and buying hosting for your website. The cost of this will depend on which options you choose, however, it can start at less than $5 pre month.

So even if you decided it is not for you, you will still own your domain name and website. They are yours and yours alone. The website building course and template are free, as is the online support community where owners help each other, share ideas and ask questions. You will still have free access to the community.

The internet is not based anywhere, in truth Vacation Soup is Danish, and our team are spread all around the world. Due to the dynamic way the website content is generated by owners from all around the world, Vacation Soup will have no specific geographical bias.

When owners update the destination guide on their own website, it is automatically added to the main traveler website. The more owners from, lets say for example, Perpignan/France that write about their area, the more content there will be about Perpignan/France. For your own website, once again, the more you publish, the easier it is for Google to find you. 

The word 'Vacation', as opposed to 'Holiday' as is used in Europe, is only used because it is universally understood, whereas Holiday has a different meaning in the US.

You can change to prices in any of the following currencies:

Feel free to ask a question if you have one.

Just drop us a line via the 'Contact Us' page or head over to The Community and a member of our team will get back to you.