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Vacation Soup - Write Your Way To The Top Of The Listings - Vacation Soup

Here at Vacation Soup we are always looking at ways to reward our members that publish articles to the site. We are a publisher first and foremost.

Above all we want to be fair.

So this week we have adjusted how parts of the soup work.

When a member (say, you) publishes an article, your property moves to the first position on the homepage.

This gives your property MUCH more exposure.

Here's a screenshot of the homepage. In this example Don had just published an article so his property shows as the first of the listed properties.

When a new article is posted (by member B), Don's property will move to position 2. This continues to happen each time a new article is shared to the soup. When member C publishes a post, their property shows at position 1, member B's property displays at position 2 and Don's property moves to position 3. And so on.

You can literally write your way to the top of the listing.

This is a first in the short term rental business. No doubt others will copy us but we love leading the way to a fairer model for owners and a better site for travellers.

If you're not a member yet you can join here

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