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soup of the day

Soup Of The Day


Here are a couple of things that caught our eye in the soup this week

Post News

Sunshine Villas created a post that lists vegan and gluten free dining options in Orlando. This is a great idea as more and more travellers fit this demographic.

This type of post epitomises the thinking behind the soup. When vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies are travelling, they'll be searching for this information for sure.

Click on the image below to see the article

Late last year, Sarah created a very in-depth article on the same subject.

You can read that article by clicking the image below

We recommend that you do a little research and add a similar article to your website

Member News

Aldo joined the soup 12 days ago. You may have seen his fantastic property, Indulgence Divine (in Malta) on the soup.
Aldo has been busy creating articles and adding them to his website and the soup - He's building his brand and fulfilling guests needs.

In less than 2 weeks Aldo's articles have been read 593 times in the soup.
His property has had 2,275 impressions (how's that for exposure)?
The more you write, the more your articles and property get seen.
57 soup site visitors have viewed his property
And 13 of those have clicked through to visit his website.

13 site visitors may not sound a lot but we only have 52 weeks a year to fill after all.

Site visitors from the soup tend to look at more pages and spend more time on owner sites than any other traffic source
You can see that from Laurie's stats in the image below
(you can see more detailed information on this here)

Well done Aldo. Keep up the good work

For those of you that haven't seen Aldo's wonderful property you can see it by clicking the image below

Okay, that's the soup of the day for this week - See you next week for more fresh ingredients and great recipes for success.

Got A Taste For The Soup?

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Written by alan egan
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