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Getting a shitload of traffic to your vacation rental website

Getting A Shitload Of Traffic To Your Vacation Rental Website

Published on November 26, 2018 by alan egan

Getting a shitload of traffic to your vacation rental website

There has been a lot written about vacation rental marketing and how to increase traffic to websites. There’s no shortage of posts about SEO, blogging, content marketing and the like.

In this article, I’m going to talk about something that’s not been talked about before and I’m going to show you how to employ this method for free.

In general, owners and managers need to build their brand and expand their websites in order to get more traffic and exposure. That’s a given but there are various ways of doing this and some are far more effective than others.

Blogging or, more correctly, content marketing is the most powerful way of driving new visitors to any site but most people fail at the first hurdle.

They publish articles that they feel they ought to write about as opposed to creating articles that people are searching for.

This is a huge faux par and is not the best use of time or resources.

Creating articles that are being searched for…

This is the traffic honeypot and once you know what people are searching for you can provide content that answers their questions.

So, how do you go about this?

Suppose that I have a vacation rental business in Antigua.

If I go into Google and search Antigua and add a space, Google gives me a drop-down menu of the top 10 search terms related to Antigua...

This is super useful but I can get more highly searched terms if I enter Antigua followed by a space and the letter a

I now get a list of the 10 most searched terms that begin with Antigua a

I now have 20 of the most searched keywords for Antigua but this can get tedious as I search for terms A though Z.

Enter Keyword Shitter (I kid you not)

Head over to and you will see a screen like the one below

Enter your destination (I've entered Antigua) and press Shit Keywords.

The site then goes through the process and lists all of the most searched terms (in Google) for Antigua, in this case.

Then click the download button just above the list.

I got a list of the 500 most searched terms for Antigua in about 1 minute

I then imported the list into a Google spreadsheet (although you don't need to do this) and removed any terms that aren't applicable to me (or the island of Antigua in this case).

This then gives me some ideas about what terms to target.

The Takeaway

There is a huge void between 'blogging' and 'content marketing' and if done properly the latter will outperform the former by a long shot.

Head over to the Keyword Shitter and download a list of the most searched terms for your area. Run through the list and see if there are any terms that catch your eye and start thinking about what to write about in order to create content that people are searching for.

Next month I will be looking at how to evaluate the keyword terms on your list.

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