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Communities are at the heart of destination marketing.

Vacation Soup is proud to support Florida Rental by Owners

The only way new travellers can #BookDirect with you is if they see your property. Vacation Soup gets your direct listing seen before your potential guests visit the usual suspects. We do this - together. You write local posts and we add our magic, after all who knows better how to describe the aroma in your local market, the sound of waterfowl on your lake or what you like to do when it rains.

With our post creator you are guided through the simplest way of creating a range of regular posts. We work closely with the social & search providers and combine all our owner's posts with our own content and syndicate that across at least 8 social channels and the major search engines, getting your posts ranking and seen by the very people who want to find you. You write it and we'll publish it so that it gets seen - right next to your property.

Not a FLARBO member yet? If your property is in Florida, is one of the highest ranking VR listing sites, and they don't charge any booking fees either. List Your Property and take advantage of the special FLARBO member's prices on Vacation Soup.

Learn how we enable you to break free from the big listing sites and their enormous fees

Hundreds of owners have built Vacation Rental websites using our free tools and training

The latest news and information from around the Vacation Rental marketing world

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Import your property (and owner details, if present) directly from your FLArbo listing.

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4. Enhance your image

The icon for you - the Owner and Author - that we took from FLArbo is a little too small to look good on some pages, we recommend you upload a larger version here.

Uploading your photo is is optional but improves your image enormously, however If you did not have a photo on FLArbo then this is a must, as we will not be able to approve your property listing without one.

5. Start Writing...

We give you the tools to make writing much easier, now it is time for you to start.

Writing regular posts is the only way to boost your listing in Vacation Soup.

Posting twice a week for most properties improves their chances of being seen by a multiple of 10!


Membership fees provide you with:

  • Our Post Creator holds your hand through writing simple but effective posts
  • Your properties are listed on Vacation Soup, searchable by Geography, Magazine and the tags used in your posts.
  • Your posts and properties have a direct link from Vacation Soup back to your website property page.
  • Socially advertising your posts, property and destination
  • Your posts syndicated across the Vacation Soup social media network (at least 8 channels)
  • Access to the Vacation soup Learning Center (with over 400 tutorials)
  • Access to the Vacation Soup Community For Vacation Rental Owners

The Soup is promoted through paid campaigns as well as organic content across the media spectrum, including Google, Bing, Facebook and twitter.
This promotes destinations, activities and in some cases even the individual properties. Once again, the more you write, the more keywords related to your destination could appear in the Google adverts.

"As often as you can" is the simple answer.

Search engines will rank our sites higher in search if they see that the content is regularly updated. The more you share, the more you appear in online searches.
We have a whole video course on how to bulk prepare your posts and our Waiter plug-in will even offer suggestions on what to write about, that way you never get writers block. The Waiter plugin will even schedule your posts for you so you can prepare many articles at once and these will be published automatically on the days that you specify.

Feel free to ask a question if you have one.

Just drop us a line via the chat icon

or the 'Contact Us' page or head over to The Community and a member of the community will get back to you.

We are committed to the #BookDirect movement and offer a lot of free courses and tools to help you build your very own website like these.

Have a look in the Owners-Area Learning Centre and Community.

We also build bespoke websites for owners, obviously for a fee.