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Adding Your Property To Vacation Soup

Adding your property to Vacation Soup

NB. You need a subscription before you can add properties

Step 1. First off, you need to login

Step 2. Enter your Vacation Soup username and password

Note.. If you are already logged in...

Then click on 'My Profile"

Then fill in your profile and upload a photo of yourself

It's very important to upload a photo of yourself (or yourselves) as this shows throughout the soup (next to your posts and property).

Fill in all the fields that you can

Be as personal as you can be in the "About Me" section. Tell people about you and your family, why you love the area and why you bought this property in particular. You can come back and expand on this section at any time.

Make sure that you add the url of your website homepage.

The I live in section should be the location where your rentals are.

When you are done click save (A green notice that the information is saved will appear at the top of the screen).

You can now add a property

You can now start adding a property

Start with the description page

Next, move on to the pricing section

Next, move on to the pricing section

Fill in the 3 fields as shown, then save

Vacation Soup only displays the 'Price From' price and your currency of choice. 

Make sure that your nightly "price from" includes cleaning and any taxes. and your currency of choice.

We only display a "Price From" price. We want to entice site visitors to click on your link and visit your website

Next, click on the images section and start adding your photos

There is no upper limit to the amount of images that you can upload. Start with exterior images, then add interior shots and finally add destination photos.

You can drag and drop the photo to reorder them

Double click on the image that you want to use as your featured image (a star will appear in the top right hand corner of that photo)

Then click save

Next, you can add video if you wish

Select either Youtube Or Vimeo. Note; You can only add one video (you can only add Youtube or Vimeo videos - Other channels don't work)
Then add the video ID The video ID is at the end of the url in Youtube or Vimeo.
In Youtube this would be ECjRChcuvds in this example -
In Vimeo this would be 104139895 in this example -

Then click save

Next, go to the details section and simply add the number of bedrooms and bathrooms

Then click save

Next, in the location section, fill in your address details

Next, in the location section, fill in your address details

Then click on the 'Place Pin With Address' button and your property will show on the map.

Check that your property is shown in the correct location.

Then click save

Lastly, in the amenities section just click on the amenities that you offer

Then click save

That's it you are done

You property will go to pending for one of our team to review.

Please mail us if you don't see your property go live within 24 hours

You can now add another property if you subscription allows