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Nourish Hanalei - Healthy Food With A View - Kauai, Hawaii

Published on July 31, 2019 by Rae-Marie May

For a tasty, guilt-free lunch in an off-the-beaten-path location, try Nourish Hanalei and you will not be disappointed. Recently I met two of my friends for lunch at this unexpected area of Princeville on the north shore of Kauai. I had been seeing the Instagram posts for Nourish and was excited to try out the food they had to offer.

Sitting on a tiny piece of land, shaded by huge mango trees and overlooking the Hanalei Valley, the view is spectacular! From the valley, to the mountains, to the river, to the bay, this panoramic site is hard to beat. Two circular tables and some benches give visitors a place to sit and eat their lunch choices.

Nourish Hanalei - Kauai, Hawaii

Started by three sisters, Maile, Maria and Summer, Nourish Hanalei offers a simple menu of healthy choices. The goal, as stated on their website, is "to feed our community with food that is sourced consciously, created with love, and contains only wholesome ingredients."

Menu choices include savory and smoothie items.

Nourish Hanalei - Kauai, Hawaii
Nourish Hanalei - Kauai, Hawaii

And, for dessert:

Vegan "nice" cream cookie sandwich  $6.00
Seasonal Fruit Popsicle  $4.00
Nourish Hanalei - Kauai, Hawaii
The smile says it all. The Hanalei Bowl and ginger tea. We brought the tablecloth. 🙂

Nourish Hanalei is a family run farm in the Hanalei Valley. They grow a variety of plants, specializing in bananas, guava, acai and cacao (chocolate). Packaged products can be found at the lunch stand and in many stores around Kauai. They also sell their products online. Products vary with season. At the time this blog is being written (July 2019), these are the products they currently have for sale:

Dried Apple Bananas  $9.00

Pineapple Fruit Strips  $9.00

Guava Fruit Strips  $9.00

Acai Fruit Strips  $9.00

Trail Mix  $11.00

Cacao Nibs  $12.00

Chocolate Tea  $12.00

Pure Mana Chocolate Spread  $15.00

Since eating at Nourish Hanalei I have told many of my other friends about this hide-away. One was so impressed she posted this on her Instagram!

Nourish Hanalei - Kauai, Hawaii

To find Nourish Hanalei, take the highway past the Princeville Shopping Center and turn right on Hanalei Plantation Road. Drive past some impressive real estate. When the paved road ends, keep going! It is bumpy, but I did say the location was unexpected, didn't I? You will see the little orange stand on your left.

Nourish Hanalei Hours:

Wednesday through Saturday - 11:00 to 3:00

Email Address:

After lunch you might want to take a walk. If you hike down the road further you will find the remains of a condo project that never got past the foundation. If you walk all the way to the end you will be able to see Hanalei Bay and the mountains above Lumahai Beach. Enjoy.

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Meet The Author
My husband and I fell in love with Hawaii in the early eighties when we made our first trip from San Diego to the islands. In 2000 we chose Kauai as our home. We love the small town feel, great weather and beauty. We couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
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