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Maiz, Maiz in Puerto Morelos, MX

Looking for a quick bite to eat in Puerto Morelos? Stop by and check out the new restaurant on the block! Maiz, Maiz has relocated to Rojo Gomez, the main street in the quaint beach town along the Riviera Maya. The cheerful waiter, Hector, welcomed me one sunny afternoon as I was strolling down the street. I hadn't really planned to stop for lunch but, hey, food and drink are always on the top of my "to-do" list!

After immediately ordering a cold cerveza, I glanced at the breakfast/lunch menu. Having some questions about several of the menu items, Hector was very accommodating and friendly as he detailed the ingredients of each entree. Definitely catching my eye was the reasonable price of each selection. Wow! Only  21 pesos ($1.20 USD) for a quesadilla and 29 pesos ($1.65 USD) for a tostada. Pair that with my two cervezas at 25 pesos each ($1.42 USD), and my total meal cost $5.69 USD! Sold!

Maiz, Maiz Puerto Morelos, MX

Hector took my order back to the chef and then returned with chips and two types of salsa. He promised they were not habanero - which would have had me guzzling my beer! Couldn't decide which salsa was my favorite...both were tasty and were also used to add a spicy touch to my quesadilla and tostada.

Maiz, Maiz Puerto Morelos, MX

The food was delicious! I wanted to take a picture before I started eating, but I immediately dug into the quesadilla before I realized I hadn't taken a photo!

Maiz, Maiz Puerto Morelos, MX

Great experience at Maiz, Maiz! Attentive and delightful waiter, scrumptious food at a modest price, and served in the splendid little beach town of Puerto Morelos...what more could you ask for? Don't miss it on your next visit!




















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