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Kadeau - Gourmet Dining on Bornholm

If you are a foodie then no trip to Bornholm is complete without a visit to Kadeau.

The restaurant is rated as the 7th best in Europe by the famous Opinionated About Dining website in their top 100 European restaurants list ( and to be honest, it could be higher.

The dishes that they serve can only be described as hardcore food porn.

Kadeau - Gourmet Dining On Bornholm

It’s no surprise that it has a Michelin star, which for a restaurant that is little more than a renovated ice cream hut is quite amazing.

They cultivate their own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and berries, and they collaborate closely with local suppliers.

The restaurant was founded in 2007 by Nikolai Nørregaard who went on to open a sister restaurant in Copenhagen (which just received a second Michelin star last week). The Copenhagen restaurant has been voted 'the best restaurant in the world'.

I was fortunate enough to be taken there for my last birthday and what a treat it was. The setting right on the beach is gorgeous, the service is as good as it gets and the food is out of this world. The wine list is pretty stunning too.

Fair enough, the prices are formidable but it’s not every day that you get to experience the best things in life and dining at Kadeau certainly falls into that category.

A lot of the unusual ingredients are foraged from around the island and as you can see from the photos the presentation is more imaginative than words can explain.

Dishes are served on pebbles from the beach, twigs from the forest and on beds of moss. Edible delicate flowers adorn the dishes. Everything is a taste sensation.

Kadeau - Gourmet Dining On Bornholm

Even when it comes to the bread and butter, the bread is homemade and the butter comes with a covering of burnt hay ash. Now, I know that sounds strange but it tasted divine.

Kadeau Menu - Bornholm

We went for lunch as that’s the “cheaper” option and that gives you plenty of time to sober up by lounging on the beach in the afternoon (especially handy if you are cycling there and back).

As I said at the beginning, a visit to this restaurant in a ‘must do’ activity if you are visiting Bornholm and you love food and gastro dining. You won’t be disappointed.

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