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Is Your Sunscreen Damaging the Puerto Morelos Reef?

Published on April 8, 2018 by

Heading down to Puerto Morelos, Mexico to snorkel at the reef? This small beach town in the Riviera Maya has an exquisite coral reef system a mere 500 meters off shore. Snorkeling at the reef is a "must-do" when vacationing in the quaint fishing village.

Everyone knows that a trip to the beach demands the use of sunscreen. But, did you know that some brands of sunscreen can damage, and even kill, the coral reef systems?

If you plan to snorkel at the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in Puerto Morelos, be certain to check the ingredients of your sunscreen.

Avoid any sunscreens that contain the chemical oxybenzone. The primary function of this chemical is to absorb UV light, but it is also absorbed by the skin and can stay in the body for an unknown time. Oxybenzone is found in eighty percent of chemical sunscreens and has been detected in more than ninety-six percent of the U.S. population, with much higher concentrations found during summer months.

Do your body a favor and, at the same time, help keep the reef thriving! Choose a healthy option for your skin and for the reef in Puerto Morelos!

Here is a short list of alternative sunscreens that do not contain Oxybenzone:

Alba Botanica Kids Mineral Sunblock Unscented SPF 30

All Terrain AquaSport Face Stick SPF 28

Badger Sport Sunscreen Cream Unscented SPF 35

Block and Tackle Dry Zinc Sunscreen SPF 40

Nature’s Gate Aqua Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

Rubber Ducky Surf Zinc SPF 50

Sunology Lotion for Body Natural Sunscreen SPF 50

True Natural Sunscreen Sensitive/Unscented SPF 50

Help save the world’s coral reef systems by doing your part! Use oxybenzone-free sunscreens! Future generations will thank you! Now, get out there and enjoy the mesmerizing underwater world while snorkeling at the reef in Puerto Morelos!


Meet The Author
Jerry and Meta live in Dallas, TX and have two five-bedroom beachfront homes in Puerto Morelos, MX. We love to travel, watch sports, and enjoy life!
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