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A Yummy Ice Cream Shop On Kauai - Pink's - Hanalei

Published on January 12, 2019 by Rae-Marie May

Tucked in the middle of a small strip-mall this tiny ice cream shop on Kauai is becoming a very popular spot in Hanalei town. Pink's is a hole-in-the-wall creamery which claims to sell "comfort food by the bay." According to my friends, they are doing a great job of just that.

Ice Cream Shop On Kauai - Hanalei

Matt and Yvonne drove over from their vacation rental in Poipu to spend the day on the north shore. They stopped for lunch at Pink's and enjoyed a custom-made milkshake with one of their famous Hawaiian Grilled Cheese sandwiches. When they stopped by our vacation rental, Honu Point, to say hi they were still talking about their delicious lunch.

Ice Cream Shop On Kauai - Pink's - Hanalei

Pink's ice cream shop offers over 17 flavors of gourmet, slow-churned ice cream which has been made on Maui since 1932. Choose from tropical and classic flavors. Prices range from $4.25 to $10.00, depending on the quantity. For vegans, a small-batch, house-made ice cream or sorbet is also on the menu. An extra $1.00 is added to all sizes. Flavors vary by season.

Custom blended drinks is Pink's specialty! It is hard to choose between their 16 oz custom milkshakes, fruit smoothies, hand-creamed floats or their own Pinkaccino (your choice of ice cream blended with Kauai coffee for a rich and refreshing lift).

Pink's food menu is as tiny as their shop. Three Hawaiian Grilled Cheese sandwiches are made fresh to order on Hawaiian Sweet Bread.

The Original Hawaiian - pulled kalua pork, muenster cheese and pineapple. $12

The Pineapple - Sweet pineapple and muenster cheese. $11

The Mainlander - Plain and simple grilled cheese. $10

So, when spending the day in Hanalei, be sure to stop by Pink's ice cream shop on Kauai for a treat. It is a short walking distance from the bay. Now that my friends have recommended it to me, I may have to pretend that I am also on vacation and drive down for a tasty lunch.

Ice Cream Shop on Kauai - Pink's - Hanalei

Pink's Location:

4489 Aku Road

Hanalei, Kauai

Phone Number:


Email Address:




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Meet The Author
My husband and I fell in love with Hawaii in the early eighties when we made our first trip from San Diego to the islands. In 2000 we chose Kauai as our home. We love the small town feel, great weather and beauty. We couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
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