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I Found Some Wonderful Artwork on Cozumel

Published on September 13, 2019 by skeeterseatery

An amalgam of rich culture, heritage and contemporary modes of visual representation, Cozumel is one site where you will find some of the best art. We found some breathtaking art in Cozumel, and we are sure, it is going to be a love-affair for you too. Artwork in Cozumel can be found, adorned on the street walls to the little corners and shops of every downtown. With such a vast amount of artwork present there, we cannot help thinking how aesthetically blessed the land of Cozumel is. 

Gallery Azul ( is an art wonderland for those with an appetite for distinct yet some awesome art pieces. Located a walk down the waterfront, this art gallery will blow your mind. Yes, you heard us right! That is how cool the artwork there is. Greg is the owner and the artist in there. With beautifully crafted lamps, paintings, engravings and so much more, this gallery has something to offer for everyone. What makes this art gallery so distinct are the metal sculptures placed on the walls. We cannot wait to go back and fetch us some more art. What about you?

Mixed with some local aesthetics and a touch of modern finesse, you would love to pay a few extra bucks if you need to. But worry not! Greg’s art gallery is nothing, but complete quality coupled with affordable ranges. Cozumel’s artwork is not just confined to the galleries, it is evident in its pottery, in the local shops, the streets and everywhere that you can imagine. Whether you want to savor some artwork, buy some for your house or simply by some souvenirs for friends back home, Cozumel is just the right spot for an art shopping spree. And if you have a quest for antique and local specialties, the black Mexican pottery is the best bet!  

Meet The Author
On a vacation trip to Cozumel in 2008, we immediately knew we had to move! It was a time in our lives to listen to that little voice in our heads. We regrouped to lead a saner life. What’s not to love about a Mexican casa with a tropical garden and a cooling pool? Building our second vacation rental, we furiously went about renovations inside and out to create an oasis our guests could enjoy. We really focused on what we wanted as renters. We now love sharing our newest villa with others here in Cozumel. We work in the background with the guests providing an island escape. Silvia has extensive knowledge of the travel and resort industry from her time spent with Vista Del Mar Boutique Hotel, Cozumel Bar Hop tours, Odyssey Tours, and Royal Holiday Club. My background as the former owner of a restaurant helps me offer outstanding customer service to ensure your vacation dreams are reached. That little voice has never left us. By listening to our clients, we work to improve their vacation experience.
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