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I Cañonera Tapas Route in Lanjarón

Published on November 27, 2015 by Susan Walker


Yes, you're right "cañonera" means "of canons" and these are naval canons. Strange in a mountain, spa town but true. Lanjarón has always had a close relationship with the navy and to prove it there are three canons situated round the town. In fact, the locals are known as the "canoñeros"!

So, you see this tapas route is very aptly named and with 20 establishments taking part it promises to be an explosion of the taste buds kind of an event!

Lanjarón is just 25 minutes from Restábal so let's get "tapeando"!

Thanks to +Lanjarón Rural Apartamentos for the update.

Shared by Susan at

#eatinginthelecrinvalleyandgranada #tapas #alpujarragranada #foodieandalucia #spainfood #ns

Originally shared by +Lanjarón Rural Apartamentos

Una veintena de establecimientos participarán del 4 al 8 de #diciembre en la I Ruta de la Tapa Cañonera en #Lanjarón
¡Conoce la #gastronomía de este precioso pueblo de la #Alpujarra granadina!

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