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How to Travel with Only a Carry-on

Planning an impromptu trip to Cozumel Mexico soon? Dreading the thought of paying extra for luggage? Here’s an easier solution; travel with a carry-on only! Hear us out; it’s not as baffling as it sounds. Self-proclaimed hoarders and heavy-packers have made the switch and cannot stop raving about the ease. If they can do it, so can you.

A Carry-on is essentially a small backpack or suitcase that can easily fit in the overhead compartment. Most airlines have a decent-sized limit on the weight and size of the carry-on and this can save a lot of hassle and extra costs for you! In fact, frequent travelers, students or even those traveling for business tours keep opting for these convenient carry-on bags for short trips. Here’s how you can travel only with a carry-on without losing your wits!

Choose the perfect bag; it can be a duffel bag, a backpack or a hard shell bag. Opt for one after deciding what you want to take. Strategize your days and outfits; don’t hoard ‘potential pieces’. Planning your days and outfits will make it easier to select only the necessary items for the trip. Opt for non-wrinkle and dry-clean-only items to save time and chores. Pack multi-tasking items such as towels, zip-locks, etc. and make sure to carry travel-sized products instead of deluxe ones (toothpaste, shampoo, face wash etc). Prioritize the must-have items and eliminate the ‘might-need’ items. This will create a confirmed list of items you cannot leave without. Don’t fold your clothes, roll them instead! This technique always saves plenty of space and minimizes wrinkles. Use the free space to fit in shoes, electronics, etc. You do not need to pack heavy to visit Cozumel since there are many people who will wash, dry, and fold your clothes for a few pesos per kilo.

Travelling to a colder region? Coats and jackets take massive space; wear them on during your flight instead! Lastly, follow the one-week rule; only pack enough items for a week and voila! You’re now packed only with a carry-on that is fast, efficient and hassle-free. This will change your life. Try it!

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