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Published on February 5, 2015 by alan egan

Being the largest ruins in Scandinavia, this former castle (which also happens to be the largest in northern Europe) dating back to the
early 12th century is a truly amazing place. It’s located just a few kilometres outside of Sandvig. It was the military key to the island
and the surrounding waters in the middle ages. For centuries, Danish and Swedish kings fought each other as well as the powerful bishops of Lund and rich German merchants over Hammershus. Hammershus lost its importance when the local farmers decided
to use the bricks and stones of Hammershus for new farms when it was left unattended for a short moment.
Today, the merchants of the middle ages have been replaced by an ice cream shop, so buy one and take a walk around the castle.

#HistoryOfBornholm #Hammershus #HolidaysOnBornholm #Bornholm

Meet The Author
Hello, I’m Alan and my wife, Lisbeth, and I own Vestervang, a small farm in the Middle of Bornholm – The small Danish island south of Sweden.
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