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Google's Loving The Taste Of Vacation Soup​

Google's Loving The Taste Of Vacation Soup

More amazing results from the search giant this week...

When it comes to marketing (of anything), everything comes down to exposure. No exposure = No sales.
In the vacation rental business, if people don't know about you, they can't book with you. It's that simple.

Until recently vacation rental owners used to buy their exposure through third party companies like HomeAway, VRBO, OwnersDirect, etc.
We paid for them to send us leads. That was it. Then they moved the goalposts and we all know how that's turned out.

Vacation rental owners now need to look for exposure in other ways.

That's where Vacation Soup comes in.
The soup gives you exposure in the search engines and across social media.
This article looks at search engine exposure...

Here are a selection of articles posted to Vacation Soup in the last week

These are shown alongside their Google ranking

As you can see, Google is ranking the Vacation Soup versions of these posts very highly. This in turn brings potential guests to the soup where we show members information, properties and links to their websites alongside such posts. We are the only VR company that markets in this way.

All of these screenshots were taken from a VPN browser without being logged in to Google. In other words, this is what the browsing public would see. The results aren't skewed by my browsing history.

1. What's on on Cape Cod?

This post was added to the soup on Tuesday. Google has placed it 3rd in the search for Cape Cod 2018 Events.
 That's out of a whopping 6.6 million competing pages.

This will generate a steady stream of traffic to this post for the entire year. 
This type of post is great for attracting potential guests at the research stage of their vacation and helpful for guests that are actually on vacation.

2. Coolest beaches in Exuma

Don posted this article a few days ago and as you can see, it was appearing on the first page of Google just 40 minutes later.
This may not be a highly competitive term but Exuma is a small place.
Of course it pays to be on page 1, no matter where you are located.

3. Gozo carnival events

Another small island but Frank's post about carnival events is in 6th place on Google's front page.
Frank has created a number of posts about this years carnival
This's a good idea when blogging about major events. It's also easy to duplicate and edit this post for next years carnival.


4. Magical Minibeasts

Since I took this screenshot this post about a fun day out for the children is now in 1st place on page 1 of the SERP's.
Potential and fee paying guests search for what to do with their kids so it's a helpful post for them as well as a traffic driving article.
As owners create more and more of these posts and they are collated on their website their site becomes an area information hub, chock full of information titbits that give their website authority.

5. Looking for the best cafe on Hampton beach?

Once again this is just the sort of term that visitors to the region will search for and this post is in first place in the SERP's. This drives traffic to the soup and gives exposure to the properties and other articles in the area. It's a brand builder.
It's the first article in 2 million search results. These types of recommendations are super quick to create.

6. Carnival in Exhuma

Here is another post by Don, this time it's about carnival in Exuma and it's first in Google among 355,000 competing articles.
If anyone is thinking about combining their visit to the Bahamas with a little carnival action then they will come across Dons article when researching their vacation options. A photo of Don, his bio and details of his property are shown alongside the article. Next to a link that takes them directly to his website.
He's building his brand, gaining exposure and offering accommodation, all at the same time.

7. Fishing for fishermen

This is a very simple post created by Jeff, outlining what fishermen (and women) may catch when fishing on Wiggins lake along with some photos of anglers holding their catch.

If anglers or families are looking to include some fishing on their vacation this is just the post for them.
It's ranked by Google in third place of 136,000 articles. 

Want to know more about how this works?

Vacation Soup works on a number of levels but one of the key methods is the use of 'mid and long tail' keywords.
It's far more effective to get small amounts of traffic for lesser searched terms than getting zero traffic targeted at terms like vacation rental (your destination).
Terms like vacation rental (your destination) are hyper competitive and are owned by the big OTA's and very established companies.
It's near impossible to rank highly for terms like this. 

The leading SEO experts in the world are a Dutch company called Yoast. Their WordPress plugin is helping over 5 million website owners optimise their posts and pages.
In the article below they explain how long tail keyword targeting is a must in any market. They even mention the vacation rental market.

Just click on the image to read the full article.

In some markets, it is really hard to rank. Some markets are just highly competitive, with large companies dominating the search results. These companies have a very large budget to spend on marketing in general and SEO specifically. Ranking in these markets is hard. You will be unable to compete on a small budget in a market like the travel industry using search terms as Vacation Hawaii.
Leading SEO experts
I am currently looking for a cottage in France to spend our next summer vacation. I started my search with the term ‘vacation France’. After some searching, I quickly discovered I wanted to go to the Dordogne, and preferred a house in the countryside. My search still continues, but now I use terms like [vacation house countryside Dordogne]. A long tail keyword. Using this keyword, I found new sites, which more closely resembled my vacation wishes. Chances for me to book my vacation largely increased.
Leading SEO experts

This graphic shows how the principle works regarding keywords and competition

Going after the mid tail keywords

As you can see from the example vacation soup posts and search results that we showed above,  we aren't actually attacking long tail key words. 

Here at vacation soup we are targeting mid tail keywords as these have higher search volume than the long tail alternatives. 

Join our network of vacation rental websites

Vacation soup derives it's strength because it is a network of vacation rental websites connected together through our WordPress plugin.
 We are the only vacation rental and travel website that works like this.

Last week we saw what can happen when vacation rental owners join together and make some noise. The #bookdirect initiative raised awareness and reached over 18 million travellers.  Vacation Soup is also making waves - Get on board - Sign up today and start taking direct bookings with help from the soup.

Google will be waiting to read and promote your posts.

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