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Getting Married on Cozumel

Published on July 16, 2019 by skeeterseatery

Looking forward to a destination wedding with the man/woman of your dreams? Head no further and resort to the Island of Cozumel. The wedding packages in Cozumel are a vast range that you can get customized and can choose the place and the way you want it conducted. Imagine, a destination wedding and that too, in a way that you have always imagine your big day to be like!

While some official requirements are necessary to fulfill, the entire procedure is as easy as anything. Get your original passports, birth certificates, tourist immigration document and a medical certificate issued 20 days before the wedding, and you’re ready to get married. Voila!

If you’re someone who enjoys the ocean and loves cruise trips, you should definitely get married on a cruise. Cozumel offers an exclusive champagne catamaran sail and snorkel that is highly economical and will leave your guests awe-inspired. Take your vows in the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean and feel your big day to be truly big! With an open bar and a freshly prepared Mexican cuisine on the cruise ride, your guests will go all Ga-Ga over your ultimate destination wedding.

Being a land of wholesome goodness, Cozumel offers further options too for your wedding day. Can you envisage your wedding day besides the Mexican Caribbean beaches? Touch-up in an especially air-conditioned, rustic room with full mirrors and some intricately designed Mexican furniture. Walk down a beautiful tropical isle for your big day. Ah, we’d kill for a daytime wedding beside the beach. What are you waiting for? P.s for all those worried about getting their dresses and shoes destroyed in the sandy beach, we’ve got you covered with a grass replacement as well. Hurray! Now you know where you’ll find us on our wedding days, at least.

Meet The Author
Hello! We are Silvia & Greg, both entrepreneurs with a passion for hospitality, Mexico, real estate, and always looking to create amazing guest experiences. On a vacation trip to Cozumel in 2008, we immediately knew we had to move! It was a time in our lives to listen to that little voice in our heads. We regrouped to lead a saner life. We love meeting new people from different walks of life, but as hosts, we give our guests all the space they want. Silvia has extensive knowledge of the travel and resort industry from her time spent with Vista Del Mar Boutique Hotel, Cozumel Bar Hop tours, Odyssey Tours, and Royal Holiday Club. My background as a former restaurant owner helps me offer outstanding customer service. We will always try to meet your expectations and even go beyond the expectations of your stay. If you have suggestions for us, please let us know! Some great features we have are due to the inspirations of other guests that stayed with us and had interesting ideas. So, please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Feel free to communicate with us! Hope to see you soon, Greg & Silvia
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