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Weddings in Exuma

Beach wedding are becoming more and more popular and Exuma is a perfect location to say "I do".  So let me tell you about getting married in Exuma.

If getting  married in Exuma is part of your future then you need to know the following facts:
1)  You and your partner must be on island for at least 24 hours before you can apply for a marriage certificate.
2) To be granted a  marriage certificate you must provide a government issued photo ID, usually your passport. The certificate will cost $120 at time of writing this blog.
3)You both need to produce a notorized certificate showing that you are either single, or divorced with your original final divorce decree, or widowed with a copy of the death certificate of your late spouse.

Having completed the formalities you then need to choose the location, which is best done with help from someone with local knowledge. Then decide if you want a priest or the island commissioner to perform the ceremony.

Now depending on whether this an intimate occasion, just the two of you, or whether its a large family celebration, whether you having a formal reception, a professional photographer,  will determine whether you need a professional wedding planner, of which there are several on  island, or whether its informal.

If the wedding in Exuma is informal, we at Harbour View have a special offer for you! If you choose to book and pay for  a minimum of one week at our home, then we will guide you to get your marriage certificate, show you beach location options, act as your witnesses, book the priest or commissioner, and arrange an after wedding meal at one of the many beach restaurants.   All that at ZERO COST !!

We have provided this service to several couples and all have been thrilled with their very memorable day. Contact us for more information.


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