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Flour, bread, pasta, biscuits…Bornholm has it all

Published on November 12, 2014 by alan egan

Grains and flour from Bornholm
Several grains are grown on Bornholm. Thanks to the island’s warm climate and many hours of sunshine you can grow grains that would not normally grow in Danish fields.

Valsemøllen mill
The Valsemøllen mill by Aakirkeby is a Dutch windmill built in 1867. The mill grinds good corn from Bornholm fields, which is then milled on slow-moving hammer stools with a large hammer length that prevents the flour from heating and gluten structures from becoming damaged. The Valsemøllen mill produces wheat flour, rye, spelt and durum – also organically.

Pasta from Bornholm
Outside Svaneke farming couple Finn and Susanne made their dreams come true by creating Bornholm pasta. Finn proved that durum wheat could be successfully grown and harvested on Bornholm’s warm fields and the couple currently produce both fresh and dry quality pasta made from the fine Bornholm durum wheat together with delicious pasta-pesto.

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Meet The Author
Hello, I’m Alan and my wife, Lisbeth, and I own Vestervang, a small farm in the Middle of Bornholm – The small Danish island south of Sweden.
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