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Family Photographer in Orlando: Capturing Magic Moments

Published on April 18, 2019 by SarahE

So, you’re planning a family vacation to Orlando. You've spent months planning, creating itineraries, shopping for perfect outfits. You've made sure there's something for everyone to enjoy. But what about capturing all those priceless moments? Have you considered a family photographer in Orlando?

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Did you know that there are family photographers that specialize in documenting real moments as they happen? And not just directed moments of “unposed” fun?

We happen to have one of those family photographers right here in Central Florida. Stephana absolutely loves photographing families on vacation in Orlando. Her passion for capturing real life stems from a childhood of many wonderful memories. And an abundance of portraits with forced, fake smiles!

So let me hand you over to Stephana from The Inspired Storytellers...

(And by the way, we're not receiving any kickbacks, payment or commission for featuring Stephana).

Capturing the Moments on a Magical Vacation

Hi! My name is Stephana Ferrell and I’m a documentary family photographer in Orlando. I want to help you all capture the wonderful memories you’re about to create here with my vacation photography services!

A Family Photographer in Orlando will help capture those precious moments

A Common Story

Although I can officially call myself a local now, I wasn’t always. Like many in Central Florida, I’m a northern transplant. Drawn to Orlando because of the many wonderful memories I have from visiting as a child.

My dad has always been inspired by Walt Disney. Disney World quickly became his favorite family vacation spot.

We would pile into the family van and make the 18 hour drive from PA to FL, meeting our cousins somewhere along I-95. We usually made an overnight stop in Williamsburg, VA. We'd gather for a little history and finalize the week’s plans with the whole group together.

While adults caught up and coordinated over drinks, kids amped up the silliness and concocted our own plans for who and what we would see first.

Everyone’s excitement grew another 110%.

Family Photographer in Orlando Central Florida

We may not have had every minute planned out, but we knew it was going to be the best week of the year.

A weeklong sleepover with some of our best friends, and carefree, magical days in the Orlando theme parks.

You can imagine all the great moments that could be captured in that time.

The Best Camera is the One You Have Available…

Now, Disney has certainly stepped up their photography game since the 80s and 90s. Their picture package is definitely a worthwhile add. It helps you get a lot of portraits of everyone together in the park without having to ask a stranger.

That said, it still doesn’t capture what your vacation is really about. Those moments of togetherness that happen when you aren’t on the rides or standing in front of a Kodak picture spot. Those times only a family photographer in Orlando can be present for.

Family Photographer in Orlando help preserve memories
A family photographer in Orlando can help capture and document those causal moments.
Orlando Vacation Home Quote

Another great addition to life since my childhood is the readily available camera in-hand. )(i.e. your phone). It’s easy to snap away with the only worry being how to back-up all the images before you run out of space.

But, the phone does have a few limitations:

  • Image size: In case you do have a wonderful image you want enlarged to hang on the wall.
  • Someone has to take the picture: Which means the moment won’t feel complete, if it is missing an important family member.
  • Skillset: Often the person snapping the picture may not be able to compose in preparation for the moment to happen. (They are reacting, hoping to catch a fleeting moment).

That last one is important, and it isn’t easy. In order to make a beautiful image of real life as it happens, you have to be prepared. And how can you be prepared to make pictures and be a part of the moment at the same time?

The truth is, you can’t. Even as a professional family photographer in Orlando, the hardest time I have taking a great picture is when I’m trying to be an involved and present parent at the same time.

A family photographer in Orlando documents memories

Take the picture above of my son dodging the “snow” at Winter Summerland Miniature Golf as an example. Had I not been worried about where he was running and who he might run into, I could have stuck with the moment a bit longer and captured a better expression.

This is why even a professional needs the help of a vacation photographer to get the best pictures while on their own family vacation.

…And Preferably in the Hands of a Professional Family Photographer

Disney Magic extends beyond the parks and follows you back to where you rest. Where you all are allowed to slow down and truly catch up around a dinner table. Or while lounging around your vacation home, or relaxing by the pool.

I wish our families would have thought to hire a documentary family photographer in Orlando. Someone to come in and capture us just hanging out at the rental house in addition to the parks.

My dad, who happens to be a professional photographer, did his best to capture our trip. But he was never a part of the pictures that weren’t posed portraits. He also had a hard time capturing real moments because we were all used to posing when he was around. We didn’t want him to hear what we were giggling about, so we stopped an authentic moment from playing out before his camera.

A family photographer in Orlando documents moments
A family photographer in Orlando can document moments.

Then, there was the adult time when he had to choose between being a part of it or being the one to capture it.

In the end, he always chose the enjoyment of the moment over capturing it for later.

Now that I’m wearing the family photographer shoes he wore back then, I don’t blame him at all for making the decision he did. But I want to make sure I can stop it from happening in the future. (And yes, that means I will hire a professional documentary family photographer in Orlando to capture me and my extended family when they come to visit over the holidays).

It will be so nice to have pictures to show our kids that while theme park days are filled with fun and sights. It’s those unassuming instances with our loud, diverse, and completely original family that differentiate this time in our lives from every other.

Orlando Vacation Home Quote
Documentary Family Photography in Orlando

Benefits of Hiring a Family Photographer in Orlando

In case you skimmed over the earlier part of this post, let’s recap the benefits of hiring a local professional documentary family photographer for even a few hours of your vacation:

  • Your designated photo-taker gets a break to join in on the fun and be in the pictures
  • The captures will be well-composed, high-quality images that you know can be enlarged to show off on the walls in addition to your social media
  • A trip that might be a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration of extended family is documented in a way where everyone’s personality comes to accurately freeze time and share for generations to come

A family photographer in Orlando at Disney parks

Documentary Family Photographer Packages

As an example of what type of coverage you can request from a local, documentary family photographer for an Orlando vacation, here is a list of my packages:

  • DocuStyle Session: This one happens in your rental property and includes 15 minutes for posed, full family portraits followed by an hour of documentary coverage.
  • Partial Day Coverage: This one starts or finishes at your vacation home to allow for quieter moments preparing for or recuperating from a busy day. Capture some moments of play out and about Central Florida. In total, it is about four hours of coverage.
  • Extensive Day Coverage: This one will cover both the start and end (or between) time at your rental property in addition to covering activities outside of the home. In total, it is about 8 hours of coverage.

By far, my most popular request is the Partial Day coverage a few times during a family’s stay here in Central Florida.

I hope this blog post has got you thinking about the benefits of seeking out a family photographer in Orlando for your vacation. To see my portfolio or learn more about my offerings, please visit my website or follow my Instagram account. It would be my pleasure to capture your family while you’re here!

Stephana Ferrell
The Inspired Storytellers
Orlando Vacation Home Quote

Wait... There's More...

We spent 2 weeks creating the best online guide to Orlando on the web. It includes everything from theme park guides and videos, free things to do, what to do with kids and a bucket list of attractions along with some of the best places to eat and drink.

It’s packed with our personal recommendations, maps and videos.

Meet The Author
Our Florida journey began over 2 decades ago when we were searching for somewhere warm for winters. We discovered Florida was the perfect choice. We started spending every winter there and absolutely loved it. Orlando quickly became our permanent ‘winter home’. We were true Snowbirds! We decided to make our commitment a little more concrete in 2005 and bought our first vacation home – Serendipity at Indian Creek. We soon discovered we LOVED being in the hospitality world, so we decided to expand a little. We purchased Sleepy Hollow in 2010. Five years later we came across Serenity Lake House in 2015 and just had to have it to complete our portfolio. We now spend half the year on Disney’s doorstep in Orlando,. The rest of the time we're either in our second home in Scotland overlooking a beautiful Scottish Loch, or enjoying time with family in Cyprus. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? Ours is served with Pixie Dust on top :)
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