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Exploring Moriah Cay

Published on November 29, 2017 by don amesbury

Directly in front of our home, Harbour View is Moriah Cay, a  designated Marine Reserve. I am therefore fortunate enough to kayak across the calm Ocean on a regular basis to explore and watch the abundant species of fish that use the shores and the mangroves as a nursery.
Today the 29th November the air temperature is 87 degrees as I paddled over the short distance that separates Moriah Cay from the mainland, anchored, and set off walking along the shore of the inland lake. Within minutes I attracted the attention of three baby nurse sharks who came to investigate what was stirring up the shallows. As usual they get with a foot or so before realizing my size and scattering away. The color of the water never ceases to amaze me, the vivid blues that Exuma is famous for. After 30 minutes I cut across to the North shore and walk the soft sand beach watching and hoping to find some undamaged shells. No sting rays patrolling the shoreline this time. Eventually I get back to the kayak after a two hour walk and I did not see another person on the island...My idea of heaven.

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My wife and I have lived on the beautiful tropical island of Great Exuma for 17 years. For the last six years we have rented out the entire upper level of our two story home and we have received over 130 five star reviews. Let us share our knowledge of this beautiful island with you
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