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EV Charging Near Alton Towers

Electric Vehicle Charging near Alton Towers

With more and more people using an electric vehicles (EV) to travel long distances, the main thing you need to look for when staying overnight, is the ability to charge your car.

Tesla Destination Charging

The Laurels B&B is a Tesla Destination Charging Facility, so drivers of this amazing bit of techno wizardry can just plug in and not worry if they're going to get back home the next day. What's more, for our overnight guests, use of our charger is absolutely FREE!

If you're not driving a Tesla, but something just a electric like a Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 or something similar, we'll still provide you with free charging, but you'll have to make do with our extension and 3 pin plug to provide you with some much needed additional electrons to power you silently to your next destination.

You may well already be aware, but there's some great sites out there on the infernal interweb, such as ZapMap, which will provide you with the location of zillions of chargers, wherever you are in the UK, so hopefully range anxiety will become less of an issue for those that like to drive around in super quiet, zero emission vehicles.

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