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Enjoy a Surfing Competition in New Smyrna Beach Florida

The Smyrna Surfari Club is proud to host the Mike Martin Pro Contest this weekend April 26, 27, & 28 at the New Smyrna Beach Inlet! You can enjoy a surfing competition in New Smyrna Beach! Just bike or drive north up the beach about 3 miles from our condo (or Flagler Avenue) and you will be at the inlet.
Best New Smyrna Beach Bike Rides
In 2018 The Smyrna Surfari Club is celebrating its 39th year of existence. It is the second oldest, continuously active private surf club in the world and probably the first to have a scholarship program. It was founded in 1979 by thirteen local surfers, most of whom are still active in the Club. Founding MembersCurrent membership is about 80 active members. Since 1979, the Club has hosted over 100 surf contests, awarded over $200,000 in scholarship monies and similar stories of the success of the Surfari Club Scholarship recipients over the ensuing 39 years Although the club’s emphasis is still focused on surfing and scholarship, we now take part in a variety of area events and community endeavors
  For a list of surfing resources, The Smyrna Safari Surf Club website provides a whole list of awesome surfing links and local surfing information on their website. New Smyrna Beach is well known as a great surfing area. We watch surfers everyday from our balcony on New Smyrna Beach, but this competition will include professionals and an opportunity to enjoy a Surfing Competition in New Smyrna Beach!
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