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Dueodde Beach

Dueodde, the southernmost point of Bornholm, is a vast stretch of breathtaking beach backed by deep green pine trees and expansive dunes. Its soft sand is so fine-grained that it was once used in hourglasses and ink blotters.
There’s no real village at Dueodde – the bus stops at the end of the road where there’s a hotel, a casual steakhouse restaurant, a couple of food kiosks and a boardwalk across the marsh to the beach. The only ‘sight’ is a lighthouse on the western side of the dunes; you can climb the 197 steps for a view of endless sand and sea.
The beach at Dueodde is a fantastic place for children: the water is generally calm and is shallow for about 100m out, after which it becomes deep enough for adults to swim. During July and August it can be a crowded trek for a couple of hundred metres along boardwalks to reach Dueodde beach. Once there, simply head left or right to discover your own wide-open spaces.

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