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Capturing the rock - shooting Malta

Published on March 29, 2019 by Gattaldo
Rocks in Malta

Il-Blata tal-Melħ

Photographers love the rock and it loves them back. But photographer Karl Sciberras has a remarkable relationship with Malta, the country he was born in.

I came across his work by chance since I'd seen some portraits he's done of the young gymnasts who make part of MalteseMotion. The black and white photos brought out the soul of the members of MM and so I decided to Google the photographer. I'm certainly pleased I did. A real millennial, he came to photography in a round about way, through tinkering with digital found images. Photography came from his demand for more control and this obsessiveness with control shows in his pictures. He's also a keen on trekking and nature so his familiarity with the island means he knows the best light to capture his images.

If you wish to view more of Karl's work, his portfolio can be found at


Seascape at night Malta

Għar Lapsi

landscape with vine trees

Il-Fiddien limits of Rabat

sea landscape at dusk

Il-Karraba limits of Għajn Tuffieħa

Rock in Malta

Ras ir-Raħeb

Meet The Author
I’m a freelance creative, living in London. Together with my partner Michael, we travel as often as we can. We love houses with character and engaging history. Having done up two old houses on the island of Malta that need constant love and attention, gives us the perfect opportunity to visit often.
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