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Bonaire Sea Turtles - It's Nesting Season

Published on July 16, 2019 by Merrill Lunt

Many of our guests are surprised to hear our family does not SCUBA dive. I get it, Villa Lunt is located on Bonaire, one of the most pristine diving locations around the world. Clear water, abundant coral and magnificent sea life. How can we not dive !?! We do snorkel, and very much enjoy every moment with our faces plunged in the warm Caribbean Sea.  Sea Turtles are plentiful in the waters of Bonaire. Head over to Oil Slick, 1000 Steps, or one of the Andrea Dive Sites, and I challenge you NOT to find a magnificent sea turtle swimming around.

We recently learned it is Sea Turtle Nesting Season, and Bonaire is home to 3 of the world's 7 Sea Turtle Species - Green, Hawksbill & Loggerheads.   As of the writing of this blog, 24 nests have been located between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire according to the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) .  However, it is expected there are over 70 nests in total. On Bonaire, these wonderful nests are monitored & protected by staff and trained volunteers of  STCB.  They patrol the known nesting areas on Bonaire recording signs of nesting and hatching.

These beautiful sea creatures live a very fascinating life. They travel for hundreds to thousands of kilometers each year to lay their eggs in the very beaches from where they were born.  The mothers lay their eggs and go back to sea, and about 60 days later, their hatchlings emerge - all at once - and scramble together to the sea.

We hope you enjoy watching these adorable hatchlings make their way into the sea.

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