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10 Of The Best Travel Apps for 2019

10 Of The Best Travel Apps for 2019

Published on December 11, 2018 by Tif Martin

Smartphones are called “smart” phones for a reason. Gone were the days when cellular phones were just used to call or send text messages to someone. Today’s mobile phones serve a lot of purposes: snap a picture, send e-mails, give you access to the internet, play music, point your geographic location, or even teach you how to cook. These features are possible because of applications, which you can download from your App Store (iPhone users) or Google Playstore (Android users).

Year by year our smartphones get a little smarter, and the apps that they provide become even more useful. If you are into travelling and wanderlust is a force you so readily give in at almost every opportunity, there are a lot of travel apps that could make your journey even more fun and even a lot safer.

With only a few days left for 2018, make sure that you start your 2019 with these apps that will make you a #JetSetter and #TravelReady , and will help you achieve your #TravelGoals :

1. CityMaps2Go or Google Offline Map

CityMaps2Go has a free and paid (pro) version. The latter comes with unlimited map download, so if you travel a lot, this app is worth the price. This is the most recommendable app for travel, especially because not all places have wi-fi; this will work just as great even if you don’t have an internet connection available. You only need to download the country you’ll be visiting, as well as the region and the city map. You’ll then be able to easily see where you are no matter where you go! Even if you were not connected to the internet, you will see a little arrow on the app that points which direction you are facing. Cool, huh? But before leaving home, make sure that you plot all the sites, spots of your itinerary, and your hotel on to the city map.

Google also has a similar feature. Before going out, download a map to use offline. Search for your destination, then tap the name or address of the place at the field at the bottom, tap ‘More’, then click on “Download Offline Map”. After downloading, you’d be able to use the map as you normally would even without internet connection.

2. Google Translator

Why bring a separate translator and make your bag heavier when you can install one on your phone? Before leaving, though, or while you have internet connection, download the languages that you would encounter on your trip. After the languages have been downloaded, you would be able to get translations while keying or speaking into your phone.

3. Trip Advisor

This application also works offline, provided that you download your locations in the app, to have access to all of the information–such as hotels, restaurants, things to do, etc. This application is particularly useful if you ‘re alone or you are travelling to a foreign place for the first time.

4. Spotify

Long flights can be pretty boring, waiting in line at the airport queue can be pretty boring, basically, anything before actually arriving at your destination can be boring. Spotify could be very handy to play your favorite tracks to while away the waiting time. Moreover, if you are nervous when flying, playing relaxing music can help soothe your anxiety and make your flight comfortable.
Download your favorite tracking before leaving, because you can’t search for songs if you’re offline, but you can still play your saved tracks.

5. Uber /Lyft/or Ola

A couple of years ago, having a car is a necessity… unless you want to trouble yourself with the hassle of commuting. So, it’s good to know that technology was also able to solve this inconvenience by introducing ride-hailing apps to the world. However, different countries have different apps. The US has Uber, the Philippines and Singapore use Grab, while India and Sri Lanka use Ola.

6. Zagat


If you are a foodie wanting to taste what culinary delights another country has to offer, or if the constant and never-ending crisis of bickering and knowing where to eat starts to grind on your nerves, Zagat might be able to help you keep your patience (and sanity) intact.

The app also suggests which food items to try while you are on vacation. Neat!

7. TripCase

This app is like your very own travel agent that you can squeeze inside your purse or keep in your pocket. It collects all your reservations and travel plans and incorporates them all into one user-friendly platform. Moreover, Tripcase automatically updates the changes made to your trip, like flight times, and adjusts your itinerary. The best part is you don’t have to even pay for it!

If travelling had always been a hassle for you, consider TripCase your best friend. It will ease you of your travel stresses and gives you all the information you need at the touch of your fingers.

8. VPN Proxymaster

Along with the dawn of the new era comes the dawn of the new thieves. These thieves don’t need to sneak into your house in the middle of the night to rob you; they can digitally do that now. Hence, when you transact with your bank online using a public wi-fi, you’re putting your records, identity, your money, and even yourself at risk. This might sound ridiculous, but there are people who actually sit and wait for moments like those to steal your credit card information.
VPN ProxyMaster is one of the apps that you absolutely need to prepare before leaving home to keep your network secured, and free from the eyes of these digital vermin.

9. Polar Steps

Polar Steps is an application that lets you track and take note of your route, as well as the places you have visited while you are travelling, just by simply having your smartphone in your pocket. The app is smart enough to create your own travel map with the number of days, distance, and countries you have visited.

The app stores all those data while you’re offline, then it seamlessly transfers them to your personal traveler profile once you go online. Your family could also see your route on to a map, so they can see and check on your location real-time.

However, if you prefer to be private, you can limit it and adjust the privacy options on the app’s settings.

Both Playstore and Appstore has PolarSteps and its recent upgrade improved the efficiency on batter use, so the app doesn’t consume as much power as its earlier versions.

10. PackPoint

Packpoint is like your travel checklist, but 10 times smarter. Unlike your boring and regular checklist, this app actually suggests what you should be bringing on your trip, whether it’s a family, business, or hiking trip. You only need to tell the app where you are going and for how long, and it automatically comes up with a suggested list.

You can edit the list to remove anything you don’t need, and then you can just tick off what you have already packed, to make sure that everything is covered.


Mobile Passport (For US Travelers only)

Waiting in line and fiddling with the paper declaration form to enter the U.S. could be quite a hassle. The Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app helps US citizens and Canadian visitors expedite entry by presenting passport and declaration information through this app.

We think it is awesome because it saves time and eliminates the need to keep track of the declaration card, let alone find a pen to fill it with. With the MPC app, you just create a profile, answer protocol trip questions, send it to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, receive an encrypted barcode, and voila!
This app is free and safe to use, but it only works if you have an internet connection. Also, bear in mind that although it is authorized for use by US Customs and Border Protection, this does not replace your passport and you should still bring it with you at all times.


It definitely is a wonder how smartphones and the internet have been making our lives easier. Technology has again surprised us with its innovations, and we are sure that there will be more to come in the coming years. However, let us not forget that no matter how advanced technology gets, it did not nor will it ever replace certain things, like nature, love, and human connections.

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